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Spotlight on Style Code : Be more you. Look the part

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I’m fascinated by colour – by the science behind those wavelengths and frequencies that create our colourful world, the healing properties of colour and I like to think I am quite good at coordinating colour palettes 🙂  Before my incarnation of working in schools I used to run workshops on colour healing for adult service users who were struggling with mental health disorders.  Over the years though this has somehow got left behind but it keeps on giving me a prod …  My love of colour is something I am going to be pursuing again this year (watch out for updates here on the blog).  Style Code crossing my radar was perfect timing!

If you’re thinking about your image and how you present to the world,  there are (of course) more things to take into account than the colours you wear.  Style Code’s author, Sola Adelowa, helps people to harness the power of their image.  Sola offers a free checklist and e-course sharing the tools she uses during her own client consultations (details later) which I hope you’ll find useful.

Here’s more information about Style Code:

Style Code

When you consider the power of presentation, you know there’s more to getting dressed than simply putting on clothes.

Confident and style savvy professionals know how to make positive impressions that are truly authentic. Your Style Code is a series of adjectives that describe how you like to look and feel so that you appear confident and at ease.

Now imagine a world where you can show up with your Style Code for any occasion and always appear appropriate and attractive. Forget those old and ambiguous dress codes. Just like the individuals on the book cover, whether you’re going to a business networking event or a party with friends, your Style Code allows you to be more you and feel good. Real life stories from the workplace both empower and inspire you to dive into the challenge of defining or refining your personal style.

Adelowo walks readers through every angle of the science of style, from the colors, lines, textures, and patterns that define a style to fitting techniques that assure your clothes allow you to look the part. With its focus on embracing your personality traits, preferences, goals, and body variations, the reflection questions are hands-on guide to evaluate your unique lifestyle and professional needs.

Style Code is a must-read for anyone that wants success as they take their life to the next level or who finds themselves frustrated in their closet each morning.


Sounds great doesn’t it!  We all know how uncomfortable it makes us feel when we turn up somewhere and we’re inappropriately dressed (Bridget Jones springs to mind!).  I’m spotlighting Style Code as I think it’s an invaluable guide in helping us make the right decisions and choices … and of course give that all important confidence we feel when we know we look just right.

My path crossed with Sola in a FB group and we’ve been chatting via email – she’s led an interesting life …

About the Author

Sola’s instinctive awareness, combined with her unique life experiences, led her to launch ImageCube to help people harness the power of their image. Born in Dallas, Texas, to Nigerian parents, Sola was raised for much of her childhood in Nigeria while her parents received their undergraduate and graduate degrees in the U.S. Her cultural experiences included clothing that was most often handmade by a tailor. Through family connections such as her maternal grandmother, a fabric merchant, and paternal grandparents who were active in the community, Sola gained knowledge of how powerful image can be at an early age. Fine fabrics, talented tailors, and colorful, well-tailored clothing, helped to shape her interest in the power of beautiful, purposeful, and personalized clothing.

Through a series of promotions at Chubb Specialty Insurance Company, Sola came to Indianapolis, Indiana as an Underwriting Manager who was charged with developing staff, as well as leading a multi-million-dollar operation that specialized in employment and directors liability insurance. Sola’s venture into the fashion industry has included being the executive director and co-producer of Midwest Fashion Week, where she was instrumental in expanding the fashion week’s breadth of programming and brand visibility.

With a BA in Sociology from Wellesley College, MBA coursework from Post University, travels to over 20 countries, and more than a decade in the corporate world in Boston, Chicago and Indianapolis, Sola brings intuitive knowledge, a practical awareness of organizational culture, and proven research and theory to her ImageCube clients.

In 2015 Sola launched StylistMōdi to train and coach aspiring personal stylists and fashion consultants to start and grow successful styling consultancies.  These are exciting times as ImageCube continues to grow with its executive and corporate clients and as StylistMōdi represents a new movement in the personal style industry. StylistMōdi is an international community of fashion professionals dedicated to treating their clients as individuals looking to express their true selves. Transparency, integrity, excellence, benevolence and collaboration are key tenants of this new venture.

Sola is a Certified Image Consultant of the Association of Image Consultants International, a certified Myers-Briggs Personality Type Practitioner, the Founder of ImageCube and StylistMĹŤdi, Public Speaker, Author, and long time contributor to the lifestyle tv-show, Indy Style. As a columnist, she contributed the Image Matters column to the Indianapolis Business Journal. She has also been a featured fashion and executive presence expert for television programs on Fox, CBS, NBC and PBS television networks.



Free checklist and e-course

Interested in becoming a personal stylist, fashion consultant, personal shopper, or image consultant?  You might like the free checklist of must-own tools for working with clients Top 20 Tools Style Pros Must Own.  Download your free checklist.

If you would like even more knowledge, there’s a free e-course where Sola will show you how she uses the must-own tools during her client consultations – How Stylists Can Use 20 Must Own Tools To Create Fun Client Experiences. Sign up for the free e-course.

Connect with Sola

Twitter @IMGCUBE




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