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Science Fiction | The Feed by Nick Clark Windo

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I’m sharing my thoughts today on Nick Clark Windo’s debut, The Feed.

I still get that buzz of excitement when the postman rings the bell with a book package in his hands (whether that’s my purchases or I’ve generously be sent).  How deeply am I going to fall into this new world?  The dystopian world in The Feed isn’t too far out of the realm of reality (in my opinion) and I think all the more gripping because of that.  Highly recommended by me.

The Feed Nick Clark Windo

Paperback: 368 pages

Publisher: Headline

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1472241916

ISBN-13: 978-1472241917


Your knowledge. Your memories. Your dreams.

If all you are is on the Feed, what will you become when the Feed goes down?

For Tom and Kate, in the six years since the world collapsed, every day has been a fight for survival. And when their daughter, Bea, goes missing, they will question whether they can even trust each other anymore.

The threat is closer than they realise…

The Feed is a unique, thought-provoking and utterly addictive post-apocalyptic thriller that fans of The Girl With All the Gifts and The Passage will love.

Available now in Kindle, hardcover and audiobook format with the paperback publishing in August 2018.


With Kate’s narration in the restaurant beginning the story we get to experience how vital the Feed was to everyday life.  Regulating hormones, experiencing emotions, no need to speak vocally but communicating brain to brain … only a small part of what being hooked up to the Feed meant.  This gave such a clear picture of lifestyles and expectations.

6 years later, life is very different after the collapse of the Feed.  Through Tom’s eyes we get to experience the desolation. Humanity reduced to a base level.  Living in small communities and wary of every single living thing with another threat to watch out for with the Taken.  Those who made it alive have had to learn how to use and strengthen their brains and find ways to survive in a world where there’s a dearth of everything.  It’s such a heavy and foreboding atmosphere.  With Bea’s capture, as Tom and Kate make their way back to the city, life is lived even more on the edge.  The Pharmacist physically made my skin crawl …

Underlying the outward signs of the crash of the Feed is another level.  I’d blithely accepted the perspective until we get the opportunity to view it from another angle.  I love how this made me re-evaluate.

The Feed was one of those stories that I thought about when I wasn’t reading and even when it finished, I found myself back in this world again in my imagination.  A debut not to be missed!

I’m excited that there’s a 10 part TV series being made of The Feed.  Can’t wait to see how the novel adapts to the TV screen!

Connect with Nick Clark Windo

Twitter @nickhdclark

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