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Saga | The Liberty Girls | Fiona Ford

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We’re excited to be on tour with The Liberty Girls by Fiona Ford – the second story in the Liberty Girls series.

We shared Alice-Jane’s thoughts on Christmas at Liberty’s last November. She thought the story was heartwarming and compelling and looked forward to continuing the series.

Today, we’re sharing Alice-Jane’s thoughts on The Liberty Girls PLUS we have an extract of the prologue to share with you. Enjoy!

The Liberty Girls by Fiona Ford (book cover)

March, 1942: new mother Alice Milwood is itching to return to her job as a shop assistant at Liberty’s.

Despite her husband still being missing in action, Alice is determined to give baby Arthur the best possible start. She soon settles back into the rhythm of life on the shop floor, and the Liberty Girls rally to help keep everything on an even keel.

But when the American GIs start swarming into London, there are more complications to come. And each of the Liberty Girls has their own impossible storm to weather.

As they each fight their battles on the home front, only their close friendship will give them the strength they need to carry on.

The Liberty Girls by Fiona Ford is published by Arrow (16th May 2019) and is available in digital, paperback and audiobook formats.

Book extract


What a privilege to be part of the Liberty Girls world again! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would highly recommend it!

Fiona Ford has again created an enchanting scene of the life of luxury that Liberty’s can afford, with the stark contrast of the lives of those who work there. 

For protagonist Alice Milwood, the bond she has with her work sisters is what holds her together in her times of hardship. Her relationships with both her actual sister and her husband, are called into question as the war changes everyone’s priorities and zest for life.

Fiona Ford focuses on how the war for male and female characters differs so vastly, and the chauvinistic approach of most men highlights how tough life can truly be. For the Liberty Girls, the war has allowed for them to take on roles that most men have dominated for too long but then also emphasises how difficult it is to then have to balance this with home life duties.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next instalment of life at Liberty’s!! 

Alice-Jane guest reviewer on Jera's Jamboree

Fiona Ford author photo

Fiona Ford spent many years as a journalist writing for women’s weekly and monthly magazines before becoming a full time author, and uses her journalistic experience researching her books.  Fiona tirelessly combed the Westminster Archives and Liberty records for details about what life was really like working in London and Liberty’s during WWII, lending a true sense of authenticity to her writing. Fiona is also the author of the A Pug Like Percy books under the pseudonym, Fiona Harrison, as well as two sagas in her own name in the Spark Girls series. Fiona lives in Berkshire with her partner.

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