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Saga | Girls on the Home Front | Annie Clarke

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We’re delighted to be sharing Alice-Jane’s thoughts today for Girls on the Home Front by Annie Clarke.

This is the first story in the new Factory Girls series. The second story, Heroes on the Home Front, is available from mid-September 2019.

Book Cover for Girls on the Home Front by Annie Clarke

August 1941: As war sweeps across Britain and millions of men enlist to serve their country, it’s up to the women to fight the battle on the home front.

Fran always thought she would marry her childhood sweetheart and lead a simple life in Massingham, the beloved pit village she has always called home. 

But with war taking so many men to the front line, the opening of a new factory in the north-east of England presents an opportunity for Fran to forge a new path.

Against her father’s wishes and with best friends Sarah and Beth by her side, Fran signs up to join the ranks of women at the factory. It’s dangerous work but as the three friends risk life and limb for their country, they will discover that their lives are only just beginning…

Girls on the Home Front by Annie Clarke is published by Arrow (30th May 2019) and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.


I thoroughly enjoyed this compelling story set in the harsh conditions of life during World War Two, and the necessary work that needed to happen to fuel the country and ammunition’s for the front.

Annie Clarke, develops the story around the horrific conditions of factory life for the women and the horrendous coal mines for the pit men, and really draws the reader into the emotional turmoil felt by all.

The need for these tasks to be performed in order to benefit the war effort was tantamount to everyone’s lives. The distinct lack of health and safety emphasises how lucky we are as individuals to live now thanks to the sacrifices committed by all those men and women, despite them not actually being soldiers.

The love and affection that families and friends have, is what binds them through the atrocious conditions and drives them forward in an attitude that can be considered to be what in fact won the war. 

Annie Clarke has created a world that thoroughly convinces the reader of how grateful we should be, for all sacrifices made during the war years, particularly for those fighting on the home front. 

Alice-Jane guest reviewer on Jera's Jamboree

Annie Clarke’s roots are dug deep into the North East. She draws inspiration from her mother, who was born in a County Durham pit village during the First World War, and went on to became a military nurse during World War Two. Annie and her husband now live a stone’s throw from the pit village where her mother was born. She has written frequently about the North East in novels which she hopes reflect her love and respect for the region’s lost mining communities.

Annie has four adult children and four granddaughters, who fill her and her husband’s days with laughter, endlessly leading these two elders astray.

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