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Romance | The Day We Meet Again | Miranda Dickinson

Miranda Dickinson is an author whose writing I always enjoy and The Day We Meet Again was an outstanding read for me.

Book Cover The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson

The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson is published by HQ and available to purchase in digital, paperback and audiobook formats.

Their love story started with goodbye…

‘We’ll meet again at St Pancras station, a year from today. If we’re meant to be together, we’ll both be there. If we’re not, it was never meant to be . . .’

Phoebe and Sam meet by chance at St Pancras station. Heading in opposite directions, both seeking their own adventures, meeting the love of their lives wasn’t part of the plan. So they make a promise: to meet again in the same place in twelve months’ time if they still want to be together.

But is life ever as simple as that?

This is a story of what-ifs and maybes – and how one decision can change your life forever…


32 year old Phoebe Jones is off on a European adventure, travelling for a year.  She’s having second thoughts which are only made stronger by the delay of all trains at St Pancras.  Sam Mullins doesn’t do complications and he’s taking a year to go back to his childhood home on the Island of Mull.  They have an instant connection and share as much as they can about each other while waiting to go their separate ways.  Even if you don’t believe in fate you will believe that this was meant to be. 🙂   

I loved both narrations and was engrossed in their separate lives as they learn about themselves, where they belong and life.  Phoebe making new friends and experiencing the life of a local in the places that she stays and Sam on his quest to find out more about his childhood really is compelling.  Phoebe’s burgeoning confidence is awesome!  During the first half of the story I think I identified more with her purely because Sam had his barriers up and wouldn’t let us in. 🙂 

The settings feel so real.  I’ve been taken to Montmarte, Rome and Puglia with Phoebe.  Sam has taken me to Edinburgh, Scotland and the Island of Mull.   With both, Cornwall and London.  What an itinerary!

So I’m reading along, absorbed in their lives when bang!  Woah.  I didn’t see that coming.  One decision really does change everything.  Such an emotional read for the rest of the story.  I wasn’t really sure where Miranda Dickinson was taking us.  But I had quite a few tears.  And what a tense run up to the ending!  Totally wrung out emotionally and a sobbing wreck at the final scene.  Perfection.

So much to love in this story but especially:

  • The gift from Luc and Tobi and how it is used
  • Square Jehan-Rictus and the moment of epiphany
  • The gift from Giana and the effect it has
  • The musical/creative theme

The Day We Meet Again isn’t your usual will they/won’t they romance.  There’s so much to experience on this romantic adventure that you don’t want to miss.  Highly recommended.

Miranda Dickinson has always had a head full of stories. From an early age she dreamed of writing a book that would make the heady heights of Kingswinford library and today she is a bestselling author.  She began to write in earnest when a friend gave her ‘The Worlds Slowest PC’ and has subsequently written the bestselling novels Fiarytale of New York, Welcome to my World, It Started With a Kiss, When I Fall in Love, Take a Look at me Now, I’ll Take New York, A Parcel for Anna Browne and Searching for a Silver Lining.  Miranda lives in Dudley with her husband, Bob and daughter, Flo but says Cornwall is her ‘happy place.’

Miranda Dickinson

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