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Romance | Saturdays at Noon | Rachel Marks

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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts on tour for Saturdays at Noon by Rachel Marks.

Book cover for Saturdays at Noon by Rachel Marks

Saturdays at Noon by Rachel Marks is published by Penguin and available to purchase in digital, paperback and audiobook formats.

Emily just wants to keep the world away.
After getting into trouble yet again, she’s agreed to attend anger management classes. But she refuses to share her deepest secrets with a room full of strangers.

Jake just wants to keep his family together.
He’ll do anything to save his marrriage and bond with his six-year-old son, Alfie. But when he’s paired with spiky Emily, he wonders whether opening up will do more harm than good.

The two of them couldn’t be more different. Yet when Alfie, who never likes strangers, meets Emily, something extraordinary happens.

Could one small boy change everything?


I loved this book!

A beautiful heart-warming story about family, marriage, autism, parenting and acceptance.

Jake and Emily meet at an anger management class but at first share a mutual dislike for each other on their first impressions. This book is shared mainly between these characters and their struggles during their course of anger management.

Jake gave up his teaching career to look after his son, Alfie. He struggles with his son’s behaviour as there is a constant battle between the two over rules and discipline. Jake feels inadequate and a failure in not controlling his son’s behaviour. His wife always busy with work, struggles with not having a perfect child and the stress of an unhappy household decides to have a break.

Emily a troubled soul becomes a nanny to Alfie and seems to understand Alfie and his defiant behaviour. She persuades Jake to let her change Alfie’s routine as believes the boy can’t cope.

I loved the author’s portrayal of Alfie, he is a lovable boy who finds it hard to fit in with others as prefers and wants his way of doing things. He gets to share his story in a few chapters and these chapters are important to understand his view on life.

A great read and highly recommended.

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Rachel Marks (@Rachel1Marks) studied English at Exeter University before becoming a primary school teacher. Despite always loving to write, it wasn’t until she gained a place on the 2016 Curtis Brown Creative online novel writing course that she started to believe it could be anything more than a much-loved hobby. Saturdays at Noon is her first novel.

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