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Romance Review | The Backpacking Housewife | Janice Horton

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I’m sharing my thoughts on tour today for Janice Horton’s The Backpacking Housewife.  A page turner and highly recommended.

The Backpacking Housewife Janice Horton

One mum is leaving it all behind for the adventure of a lifetime…

Lorraine Anderson was meant to be making a Sunday roast, not swanning off to Thailand, backpack in hand! But when she finds her husband and her best friend in bed together there’s only one thing to do – grab her passport and never look back!

Now, with each mile travelled Lori sheds the woman she once was and finds the woman she was always meant to be. A woman of passion and spirit who deserves to explore the great unknown…and to indulge in the temptation she encounters along the way!

Available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.


The Backpacking Housewife is about not looking back but moving forward.  Refreshingly, the story focuses on Lori and what happens to her after she follows her immediate instincts to flee the situation at home.  And with travelling a theme throughout her relationship with Charles, it makes perfect sense to do what she does.  Yes, she may have been a ‘planner’ once marriage and children became her life but having sacrificed her own needs throughout those years and now an ’empty nester’, catching Charles and Sally is the perfect motivation to visit those places on the retirement bucket list.  Although not her original intent, her travels lead to finding out who she is underneath those titles of wife, mother and business owner.  She’s open to the opportunities that come her way from the people she meets.  I loved watching her blossom.  She’s such an inspiring character!

There’s a quote/meme that could have been written with Lori in mind:

Strong woman quote

It’s obvious Janice Horton has experience of these places (apart from the two fictional locations!).  Four years of travelling and I’m sure a myriad of different experiences make this story authentic and vibrant.  I’ve felt like I’ve been accompanying Lori as she travels around Asia.  My favourite time and place? The turtle conservation project although in all honesty I’ve loved them all.

Lori meets some down-to-earth people; Jack made me chuckle and I wanted to be Summer!  The romance is exquisite 💙 such a beautiful place to discover more about each other.  The man will touch your heart too.

I only realised the twist just before the reveal.  Very clever!

The Backpacking Housewife is perfect for any time of year.  It’s entertaining and escapism at its best. You’ll vicariously experience a different way of living that might make you yearn and who knows, dust off that passport!

💕 🐢 🐬 🐵 🐡 🐳 🐠 💕

Janice HortonJanice Horton writes contemporary romantic fiction with a dash of humour and a sense of adventure. In 2014, as empty-nesters, Janice and her husband set off to explore the Caribbean. In 2015, they returned to the UK only to sell their material possessions in favour of travelling around the world. To date they have explored over 50 countries and are still travelling. Janice’s new and exciting 2018 summer release is from Harper Impulse ‘ The Backpacking Housewife’. Look out for her bestselling romantic adventure novels – ‘Bagpipes and Bullshot’ and ‘Reaching for the Stars’ and ‘Castaway in the Caribbean’ – a #1 Kindle Bestseller shortlisted for the prestigious Love Story Awards. Janice also writes under the author name of Janey Travis. Look out for her fun romantic comedy ‘I Need a Doctor’.

Janice blogs about travel and books from her website at and you’ll also find her on Facebook and Twitter @JaniceHorton and Instagram.

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The Backpacking Housewife Janice Horton

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