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Romance | Aphrodite’s Tears | Hannah Fielding

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I’m delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Hannah Fielding’s Aphrodite’s Tears.

Find out not only which character from Aphrodite’s Tears Hannah Fielding would choose to be but also the one piece of advice she would have given them.  She’s also sharing five top tips for new writers as well as the best part of her writing journey.

First, here’s more about Aphrodite’s Tears:

Book cover Aphrodite's Tears Hannah Fielding

Paperback: 277 pages

Publisher: London Wall Publishing (25 Jan. 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0995566763

ISBN-13: 978-0995566767

A young archaeologist who travels to the remote island of Helios to investigate an ancient shipwreck, becomes caught in a web of dark obsession, mystery and seduction in Hannah Fielding’s latest novel.

In ancient Greece, one of the twelve labours of Hercules was to bring back a golden apple from the Garden of Hesperides. To archaeologist Oriel Anderson, joining a team of Greek divers on the island of Helios seems like the golden apple of her dreams. Yet the dream becomes a nightmare when she meets the devilish owner of the island, Damian Theodorakis.

In shocked recognition, she is flooded with the memory of a romantic night in a stranger’s arms, six summers ago. A very different man stands before her now, and Oriel senses that the sardonic Greek autocrat is hell-bent on playing a cat and mouse game with her. As they cross swords and passions mount, Oriel is aware that malevolent eyes watch her from the shadows. Dark rumours are whispered about the Theodorakis family.

What dangers lie in Helios: a bewitching land where ancient rituals are still enacted to appease the gods, young men risk their lives in the treacherous depths of the Ionian Sea, and the volatile earth can erupt at any moment? Will Oriel find the hidden treasures she seeks? Or will Damian’s tragic past catch up with them, threatening to engulf them both?

Aphrodite’s Tears is out in paperback on 25th January for £7.99.


Hi Hannah,

Welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.

If you could choose to be one of your characters in Aphrodite’s Tears which would you be and why?

The heroine, Oriel, for three reasons:

  1. She is an archaeologist, which is a job I find absolutely fascinating. She gets to travel all over the world and dig into the past. It’s not easy for her, being a woman in a man’s world, but she is very accomplished and I admire her work ethic and her passion for preserving history.
  2. She gets to live on the island of Helios, which is a haven in the Aegean Sea: beautiful scenery, warm and kind people, a colourful culture and wonderfully secluded. When the world becomes overwhelming, how nice it would be to retreat to a private Greek island.
  3. Her love interest is Damianos Theodorakis, who is a very attractive man!

 (Three very good reasons :))

If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be?

Never brush off history as distant and therefore irrelevant. Oriel and Damian spent a romantic night together six summers ago; that is in the past, and yet… it is not without meaning. Like Typhoeus, the long-dormant volcano on the island of Helios, what once existed can yet exact tremendous power.

Do you have a most creative time of day Hannah?

The mornings, definitely. I rise early and have a cup of herbal tea – pomegranate is my favourite. After an hour of administrative work, I close the door to my writing room and lose myself in my current novel. Usually, I am so immersed in the writing that I lose all track of time and have to be summoned to the table for lunch. I continue writing in the afternoon, but fatigue beings to creep in, so I change the scene: moving to write in the garden if the weather is fine, going for a long walk on the beach or in the woods, or heading to a cafe where I can people-watch and scribble down ideas in my notebook.

What is you currently working on?

I have several books in progress:

  1. A story of love and revenge set in Luxor, Egypt, the land of my birth, a world of deeply ingrained customs and traditions, interesting though often cruel.
  2. A love story that tackles contemporary women’s problems and is set on the French Riviera and by beautiful Lake Como.
  3. A dark romance set in beautiful Ireland, the land of fairy tales and legends.

What are you reading now? Opinion?

I am reading Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece by Stephen Fry. He is such an intelligent and considered writer; I am very much enjoying his take on Greek mythology. I only wish the book were more comprehensive – no Troy and Odysseus, no Jason and the Argonauts, no Theseus and the Minotaur, no Heracles’ labours. Perhaps he will publish a second volume.

Do you have a book trailer Hannah?

Yes, I have a book trailer for Aphrodite’s Tears. You can view it at:

What do you think book trailers achieve?

I enjoy making book trailers, because they bring a new dimension to fiction. The music, the imagery, the theatrical description of the book… it’s a fun and evocative way to bring a book to life and capture a reader’s imagination.

(You’ve definitely captured my imagination from the book trailer – loved it.)

Are there any tips you could share with new writers that have worked well for you?

  1. First and foremost, write from the heart. Be true to yourself and don’t compromise to please the market. Market change, fads come and go; your work will remain.
  2. Research your facts thoroughly. A writer today has no excuse for not getting his/her facts right. Use all the tools available to you. Travel, internet, books, films, documentaries; it’s all there to enrich your experience and make your writing journey easier.
  3. Plan your novel down to the smallest detail. This will make your writing so much easier and therefore so much more enjoyable. A plan is your map. Would you set out on a long journey by car without a map?
  4. Read, reread, and reread. Edit, edit, edit. Go through your manuscript again and again and edit it. I know that it will break your heart to delete a phrase or even one word you spent time agonising over, but sometimes less is better than more. Not easy advice to follow, but in the long run it does work. If you can leave the manuscript alone for a few weeks and revisit it at a later date, reading it as if it were someone else’s, then that’s even better.
  5. Do not get discouraged. Continue to write whether you think your work is good or bad. There is no bad writing. There are good days and bad days. The more you write, the better you will get.

Finally Hannah, what has been the best part of your writing journey so far?

Each time I publish a new novel, that is the best part. When my publisher sends me the novel and I open the box and take out the book and hold it in my hands, then it is real. Invariably, I become quite emotional, because that book in my hands symbolises the realisation of a dream I have held dear since childhood. The very best moment is when I slide the book onto my bookshelf next to my other novels and I see them as a set. Then I am thrilled and proud – and very motivated to write another book, and another…

Thank you for being my guest today.

Wishing you success with all your writing projects.

Author photo Hannah Fielding

HANNAH FIELDING is a multi-award winning romance author who was born and grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, the granddaughter of Esther Fanous, a revolutionary feminist and writer in Egypt during the early 1900s. Upon graduating with a BA in French literature from Alexandria University she travelled extensively throughout Europe and lived in Switzerland, France and England.

After marrying her English husband, she settled in Kent and subsequently had little time for writing while bringing up two children, looking after dogs and horses, and running her own business renovating rundown cottages.

Hannah now divides her time between her homes in Kent and the South of France.

She has written six novels: Aphrodite’s Tears; Indiscretion, Masquerade and Legacy (the Andalucían Nights Trilogy); The Echoes of Love and Burning Embers. Hannah’s books have
won various awards, including Best Romance for Indiscretion at the USA Best Book Awards. She has also won Gold Medal for romance at the Independent Publisher Book Awards (The Echoes of Love), and
Gold and Silver Medals for romance at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards (Indiscretion and Masquerade).

She is a member of the association for Romance Writers of America (RWA).

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