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I’m delighted to be on tour today sharing my thoughts on Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn.

The thing is, the letters don’t always tell me truths about myself. Sometimes they tell me truths about other people. And Reid Sutherland is – was – one of those people.

In the last year, Meg Mackworth’s beautiful hand-lettering skills have seen her rocket to social media fame, and now she has a booming business crafting stationery for the stars. But she has a secret: sometimes, she just can’t resist hiding messages in her work. Slightly unprofessional, maybe – but harmless. Right?

Analyst Reid Sutherland and his gorgeous fiancée had their future mapped out. Until he noticed a pattern in his wedding invitation that made him think twice.

When Meg looks up from her desk one day and sees Reid standing in front of her with no wedding ring, holding the invitation she created, she thinks that her career is over.

But her life may be about to begin . . .

Escape into a beautiful world of craft and romance that will grab hold of your heart and never let go.

Book Cover for Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn is published by Hodder & Stoughton. The digital format is available to purchase now with the paperback releasing 5 March 2020.


Love Lettering was a fabulous surprise.  A love story that’s unique and drew me in from the beginning…

I loved the creative lettering theme (it reminded me of the 36 Days of Type challenge).  How words and letters effect Meg is brilliant.  Such a novel use of lettering to communicate by phone too. 🙂  I totally understand what happens to her when she is in ‘the flow’ of a project – when her subconscious mind takes over.  I have to admit I felt an affinity with the way she perceives the world!  I really enjoyed watching Meg develop, cheering her on when she decides to face up to issues and see confrontation through but also, impressed when she knew to hold back.

One of my favourite quirky observations from Meg:

“This meet up, this meal – it’s a game all its own, the one with the long, rectangular blocks you pull from the bottom and stack on top, making a taller and taller tower.  Taking a risk, watching to see if it’ll topple.”

The romance is an opening up to trust not only towards another but for Meg to trust herself.  And in-line with that, an opening up of intimacy and a deepening of love.

I could feel something building but couldn’t guess what it was.  One scene is misleading – I knew not to take it at face value but couldn’t work it out.  Having felt like I knew Reid pretty well from Meg’s observations I knew it had to be something else.  I didn’t expect the crises to be what it was though!  Powerful and explained so much.  Meg really comes into her own with the support of her friendships.

The subtle subtext of all our interactions with others are here in this story.  I know you’ll identify with these friend, colleague and lover relationships at different stages in their cycles as well as understanding how we modify our behaviour to suit the situation.   It shines the light on imperfections in our relationships and how that makes them stronger.

Love Lettering is an observation on life with a creative theme which I found inspiring.  Highly recommended.  

Kate started writing stories on the extra wide-ruled notebook paper her first grade teacher passed out for handwriting practice, dreaming up everything from fairy princesses to secret agents, to fairy princesses who were also secret agents. She got gold stars for her handwriting, and side-eyes for the secret agent stuff.

Those stories were packed away in a memory box while Kate grew up and did lots of things—a master’s degree, a PhD, work, travel, home renovation, life in general—always with a book at her side.

A jolt in the form of a great romance novel reminded her to start writing stories again, but this time on a laptop (though she still has excellent handwriting).

These days Kate’s favorite stories to write are the ones that make people snort-laugh and happy-sigh—stories about smart, strong heroines who face the world alongside true friends, complicated families, and good men who recognize exactly how amazing the women they love are.

Kate is lucky enough to spend her days reading and talking about all kinds of great books. When she’s not doing that, she’s writing them, thinking about writing them, or remembering edits she needs to make in them. There’s also the thing where she takes long walks around her neighborhood and makes her handsome husband and sweet-faced dog listen to her talk about books and writing. They’re never bored and she’s not single-minded at all.

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