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Last March, Rosie Howard was in my hot seat chatting to us about the first story in the Havenbury series (The Homecoming). Today we’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s review for the second story in the series, A Vintage Year. I also have an extract to share with you. Enjoy. x

Book cover of A Vintage Year by Rosie Howard

Three years on from her fairy-tale country wedding to the deliciously handsome Charlie Wellbeloved, Bella’s life is far from the ‘happily ever after’ she dreamed of. Now, heading for the big three-oh at horrifying speed she has gained a couple of stone from boredom and comfort eating, her fledgling interior design business is succumbing to infant mortality, she talks to her black Labrador Dolly more than she does her own husband and now her close friend Maddy has announced that she’s expecting a baby. How can Bella be happy for them when she pines for a family of her own and Charlie has barely touched her for months? Then Charlie meets rich, charming Rufus, who might just have the answer to their business problems – for a price. How far will Bella go to preserve her dreams?

A Vintage Year is published by Allison & Busby (21st February 2019) and is available to purchase in digital, hardcover and audiobook formats. Paperback releases 20th June 2019.


A Vintage Year is the second book in the Havenbury series by Rosie Howard. I haven’t read The Homecoming, however The Vintage Year could be a stand alone novel.

This is a heart-warming story about love, marriage and relationships. Bella, three years after her dream wedding, finds herself heavier and in need of a project. Longing for a family and dreams of renovating their home, while her husband, Charlie is burdened with financial worries, having inherited the family’s failing vineyard.

Rufus, a businessman and potential investor offers Bella a deal. Feeling downcast and deceived, she decides to meet Rufus. This leads to big changes for both Bella and Charlie. With the support of their friends Maddy and Ben and Caroline, Bella’s mother-in-law, Bella and Charlie need to decide how much their marriage and relationship means to them.

Rosie Howard’s writing is wonderful with relatable and loveable characters. Plenty of drama and a great read.

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Book extract

After obtaining a degree in music Rosie Howard pursued a career in public relations, campaigning, political lobbying and freelance journalism but realised her preference for making things up and switched to writing novels instead. She lives in a West Sussex village with her husband and two children in a cottage with roses around the door.

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