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Review | You, Me And The Sea | Elizabeth Haynes

I was excited to receive a signed copy of You, Me and the Sea by Elizabeth Haynes and today, I’m delighted to be sharing my thoughts on the Myriad Editions tour.

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I loved the premise of this story.  Two emotionally wary lead characters who have lost their trust in humanity, place them on a remote island together where the weather is just as much a character as the leads.  And let the elements work their magic…

Rachel’s vulnerability captured my heart from the very beginning.  Always aiming for parental approval and perceiving that she falls short, she has very little belief in herself.  Taciturn Fraser who is brusque and full of anger on the outside but has the capacity to love with everything he is.  Their developing friendship is three steps forward and three steps back and their dishonesty with themselves is painful at times but oh boy, these two crawled under my skin.  As soon as the story ended, I missed them so much!  I’d grown used to the intensity of this soul match.  Lefty’s story affected me deeply too. 

The fictional Isle of Must is such a fabulous setting.  7 ½ miles off the coast of Scotland, the barrenness is superficial.  I learned a lot about nature and ornithology.  And developed respect for the people who do live like this.  There’s one particular catalyst that had me holding my breath and my pulse racing.  How do you challenge nature and come out alive? I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! 

I love it when you find a personal connection with a story and mine is that I share the same birthday as Emily!  Of course all the best people are born on that day 🙂

I had figured out a few things before they were revealed but that in no way spoiled my enjoyment.  I like to think it’s because I was so involved with the story, the character’s truths became mine.

I wish I could tell you so much more but no spoilers.  I will share that there are some fabulous intimate scenes that turn the heat up.    The ‘bedroom door’ remains very much open. These scenes should be in this story and add so very much.  But just in case you don’t like explicit sexual scenes I wanted to mention it.

You, Me and the Sea is a dark, brooding and intense story that I felt in my bones.  It’s a story about choices and the paths they take us on, responsibilities and expectations.  It highlights the things we accept just to feel any kind of approval or to belong.  Ultimately though it’s a love story.  A love story about life as much as it is about partnerships. One that should be on your list.

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book cover for You, Me and the Sea by Elizabeth Haynes

Elizabeth Haynes is a former police intelligence analyst who lives in Norfolk with her husband and son. Her first novel, Into the Darkest Corner, was Amazon’s Best Book of the Year 2011 and a New York Times bestseller. Now published in 37 countries, it was originally written as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), an online challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

She has written a further three psychological thrillers—Revenge of the TideHuman Remains and Never Alone—and two novels in the DCI Louisa Smith series, Under a Silent Moon and Behind Closed Doors.

Next came her highly praised historical novel The Murder of Harriet Monckton (a Sunday Times Summer Read) whichis based on the 1843 unsolved murder of a young school teacher in Bromley, Kent.

Elizabeth’s latest novel, You, Me and the Sea is a contemporary story of love and redemption set on a remote, windswept Scottish island.

Twitter @Elizjhaynes

My passion is helping others to find their own oasis, their own centre of calm. I’m a qualified Dyslexia Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sleep Consultant, Parenting Programme Facilitator, Mindfulness practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and hold a crochet diploma.

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