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Review : Cross Stitch by Amanda James

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      Publisher: Choc Lit
(9 Dec. 2014)

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A stitch in time may save nine but a cross-stitch spells
disaster …

should be the happiest day of her life. Despite past heartache, Sarah Yates is
finally marrying her true love, John Needler. 

Sarah and John can’t pretend they’re an ordinary couple. They’re time
travellers and where time travel is involved, nothing runs smoothly. One minute
Sarah is saying her vows and the next she is hurtled back in time to a country
that is on the cusp of war, and into the company of the bad-tempered Veronica

bliss is certainly not on the cards for Sarah as events see her travelling from
the British punk era to 1950’s America. And even when she returns home she
can’t escape Veronica.

when the past and the present collide, that’s when the real problems start … 

Cross Stitch is the
sequel to A Stitch in Time (you can
read my review here) and while there is some backstory in Cross Stitch, to experience the uniqueness of the plot I would
recommend you also read A Stitch in Time.

Usually receiving a warning before travelling in time, on her
wedding day Sarah receives no warning at all. 
This isn’t the only thing that is different (but I can’t say why – no spoilers!).

While those at home are very concerned, Sarah has travelled
back to 1939 and Veronica Roth. 

Veronica plays a key part in the story.  I really enjoyed her character development …
we see her grow from lack of confidence and fear into quite a spectacular
woman.  Telling lies to get into the school
where Sarah teaches results in mayhem in the classroom … and this isn’t the only
chaos she causes in Sarah’s life!

One of the choices that Sarah makes causes John to be angry
(yes easy going John can be a monster when he’s fighting for what he believes
in) and their relationship hits a rocky time. 
I agreed with both their opposing views so wouldn’t have made a good
mediator, unlike John’s dad Harry.

It’s not only their relationship under the spotlight in Cross Stitch, two more important people
share a surprise too.  The banter had me

There’s intrigue with John’s sister Lucy and her husband
Corbin.  I loved how this fitted in with
the plot.

Totally involved with this story, I read it quickly – I
couldn’t wait to see where Sarah would go next, the purpose of her being there
or even if she would come back. 

I loved the idea of the ‘Cross Stitch’ and how unpredictable
time travel was (and the reason behind it!).  It’s hard to
write a review where you really want to share something but you know that if
you do, you’ll give a spoiler …

Tension from the challenges faced on the time travel
journeys, friendship, family and romance have made this a totally absorbing
read for me.

Highly recommended if you like your romances with something


Amanda James, you are a genius 🙂

I would like to thank the publishers for providing a digital
copy in exchange for an honest review.

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