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Review and Giveaway : Flight by Isabel Ashdown

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Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: Myriad Editions (21 May 2015)

ISBN-10: 1908434600

ISBN-13: 978-1908434609

When Wren Irving’s numbers come up in the first ever national lottery draw, she doesn’t tell her husband, Rob. Instead she quietly packs her bags, kisses her six-month-old daughter Phoebe goodbye, and leaves. Two decades later, Rob has moved on and found happiness with their oldest friend, Laura. Phoebe, now a young woman, has never known any other life. But when Rob receives a mysterious letter, the past comes back to haunt them all. With their cosy world thrown into turmoil, Laura sets out to track Wren down and discover the truth about why she left all those years ago.

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The prologue sets the scene but more importantly, from Wren’s body language we can tell where she is emotionally in her life with husband Rob and baby Phoebe.

Each character narrates and we learn different things from each of them. I love how this provokes different emotions as we see the character through someone else’s eyes.

Moving between the past and the present, we come to understand that Rob and Laura were inseparable growing up as children.  The friendship keeps strong, despite all the traumas of college/adult life and their bond is important in so many ways.  When Laura has to do something on her own, the impact on Rob is devastating…  Wren’s bond with Laura goes deeper than friendship and I was eager to see what would happen at one point in the story.

One of my favourite scenes has to be Rob going back to the house they shared in Uni.  I wondered what the impact would be on him and what he would take from the experience to move the story forward – how did it fit with what we already knew?

There is another layer of intrigue and I was totally wrong in my assumption.  I have to say this threw me and I had to stop reading to re-evaluate my thoughts.  Don’t you just love it when this happens!

I had a vested interest in Wren’s character and I wasn’t disappointed in the depth Isabel Ashdown goes into her psyche.  I found her complex personality fascinating and she is my favourite character.  This is unusual for me as she isn’t the character we see ‘grow’ the most, however, she is the character that took me to the shadows,  I have no hesitation in saying I understood her. 

The Cornwall portrayed in Flight is isolated and I often felt desolate here.  The outer reflected the inner – there had to be something that happened to force a change (or so I believe).

I read the ending through tears (such an emotional scene).   It was a month ago that I read Flight but I’m still thinking about what will happen next … what I hope would happen (but it wouldn’t be easy).

I’ve been a fan of Isabel’s since I bought Glasshopper in 2011.  You can read my reviews of Glasshopper,  Hurry Up and Wait and Summer of ’76 on JJ’s WP blog.  They all have something in common – not only leaving me thinking about the story long after it’s ended … but also the way Isabel lays bare emotions we don’t want to acknowledge or own up to feeling.  She is skilled at getting behind the reasons for behaviours and giving that all important hope.

I would like to thank the publishers/author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This is a story not to be missed!

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