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Is a cake baking kit the foolproof answer to baking success?

If you’ve ever felt frustrated when you couldn’t find all the ingredients in the supermarket for a baking session then a cake baking kit could be exactly what you need.

With my birthday looming on the horizon and not being able to go out anyway under current government restrictions, a cake baking kit seemed the ideal solution.

We bought an Afternoon Tea cake baking kit from Britain Loves Baking to create our own traditional British afternoon tea at home. It was lush!

If you’re sitting on the fence about buying a cake baking kit, we’re sharing our experience with you.

Chocolate Orange Cupcake made with Britain Loves Baking Afternoon Tea cake baking kit

Benefits from a cake baking kit

Convenience – delivered directly to your door
Stress free – no hunting down the supermarket isles looking for ingredients that they might not have
Foolproof – all the dry ingredients you need are in the cake baking kit
All the ingredients weighed and clearly labelled
Instructions clear and easy to follow
Nothing to solve or fix
Fun – the option to include all the family
The option to belong to a baking community

Ordering Process

As well as a standard email acknowledging our order and keeping us informed of delivery, we received a warm and welcoming email to the baking family. 

In the first paragraph of the email was an invite to contact Greg the Baker or the baking team if we needed them, and the option to chat to them on social or the shop chat.   The email goes on to share links to the latest recipes and tutorials and how we could take part in the baking community.  

We thought this was amazing – offering help from the get go – and making us feel part of something special. 

For people feeling isolated or alone, this could very well be the thing that brings a sense of belonging back into their lives. We all need community and with the current situation, such a simple thing could bring the connectedness that lifts us up and makes us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Afternoon Tea cake baking kit

The Afternoon Tea Box is ideal for 2-3 people.  In the kit you receive the dry ingredients and recipes to make:

  • Traditional British Tea Cakes
  • Zesty Fruit Scone
  • Orange Chocolate Cup Cake 
  • Passionfruit & Vanilla Macaroon

Click here to check out this cake baking kit

The Ingredients

All the ingredients from Britain Loves Baking Afternoon Tea baking kit for adults
We were surprised just how much came out of the box!

The baking session

Pete and I baked the orange chocolate cupcakes together. 

ingredients for the orange choc cupcakes from the baking kit
Ingredients and equipment for the cupcakes – we provided the eggs and measuring jug – everything else was included

We purposely set aside the time so that we could focus solely on what we were doing. 

I must admit the camaraderie felt good as we did something out of routine – something other than chores, walk the dog, work from home etc. 

Everything went really smoothly as we followed the recipe. It was brilliant not to have to solve any problems or fix anything!  The pressure was totally off. 

It felt great that during this current situation we got to do something fun together that was practical and we couldn’t wait to see how they would turn out.

orange chocolate cupcake mix
icing the orange chocolate cupcake
orange chocolate cupcakes just out of the oven
finished orange chocolate cupcakes with frosting and sparkles

Pete’s verdict: It was easy because all the ingredients were labelled and already in the correct quantities. Instructions were easy to follow and the results were perfect.

My verdict:  The already mixed cupcake mixture wasn’t too sweet.  The orange and chocolate blended well together, neither overpowering but complementing each other.  Too easy to eat more than one 🙂

Alfie’s verdict: Just the correct amount of sweetness. Nice spongey texture. Not too moist and not dry. Delicious.

What makes Britain Loves Baking Stand Out

  • Their customers are their Test Bakers and write and contribute to their baking cook books
  • Their Baking Cookbooks are always free with their baking boxes   
  • They provide hard to find ingredients and only use the best ingredients. 
  • They are cheaper than the big retailers by about 15%
  • The value they offer to customers in these challenging times – the average cost of a portion is about 35p
  • Their Top Baker ™ is open to anyone.  Bakers of all ages are encouraged to post their bakes on social media and a top baker is chosen –  not on skill but what they have learned and improved.  Awarded their bespoke designer apron and join their baking wall of fame
  • Kids Love Baking™ a range of products just for younger bakers

Britain Loves Baking is supporting the community with the benefits that baking brings both physically and mentally with their Mindful Baking Box. 

Kids Baking Kits

They also have a varied selection of baking kits available for both adults and children. 

Bag of Banana Cupcake Mix – Made with Real Banana
Vanilla Extract
Prue Rapeseed Oil (makes super moist cupcakes)
Tub of Banana Frosting
Special Surprise Baker’s kit
Recipe Cards
2 piping bags & Nozzle
Decorating Sprinkles
15 mini cup cases 

Yellow background with bananas kids baking kit

2 Bags of Orange Chocolate Bread Mix
60mls of Oil + 30mls for a batch of dough
Yeast & Sugar
Cinnamon Sugar (to roll your Donuts or sprinkle on bread)
Bag of Chocolate Glaze mix
Special Surprise Baker’s Tool
Recipe Cards

baking kit orange and chocolate on the lid of the box

Free Mindful Baking Tips

Final Thoughts

From our experience, a cake baking kit is the foolproof answer that sets you up for success.

We’ve been impressed with how we’ve been treated as customers and with the quality of the ingredients.

You get so much more than a session of baking when you buy a cake baking kit from Britain Loves Baking.

The step-by-step recipes are so easy to follow that even if you’re new to home baking you won’t have any problems creating tasty treats.

This is a company that is authentic and transparent.  Highly recommended.

Important Information

Britian Loves Baking production facility meets the highest standard of food hygiene and has a 5 rating.

They are not a nut-free facility as nuts are used in many of our products. Please, consider this fact when purchasing their baking gift boxes. If you have an allergy to nuts, you should carefully read the recipe of the dry ingredients for baking.

They are not a Free From the facility, so if you ask for Gluten Free products, they can’t provide 100% gluten-free boxes. Whilst their baking kits are made separately, oats, almonds, or coconut can come into contact with other baking dry ingredients; thus, they can’t guarantee you a non-gluten product.


Britain Loves Baking came about when a group of entrepreneurs (led by Greg Wixted) helped his younger brothers set up and launch Love Food and More in the Northern Territory after the major supermarkets and meal solution companies closed their online operations in Australia at the start the global pandemic on top of the 3 brothers who saw all their food operations and investment close and for some cease trading determined not to see their 10 year-old business go to the wall. They also saw the how not having food supplies left many locals in remote locations limited access to food delivery.  They felt and saw the huge social and business impact the pandemic has made in their local community from key workers to the elderly, local businesses, to farmers and villages, and decided to act on this situation working with their amazing suppliers to build a hyper short sustainable supply chain. They worked with small and local producers and employed local people to create yummy and delicious food & grocery boxes made and delivered locally.

Greg and his brothers stepped in with Local Food and More to feed the local community and keep the local economy alive during the pandemic, and after working around the clock, in 8 days they had an operation up and running and days later found themselves feeding 1000’s of families. Despite expensive ad campaigns and fine words from the big supermarkets most ordinary people couldn’t get a delivery which has seen their business grow.  When Greg had to cut his trip short and return to the UK, the brothers used the next 14 days to bring a version of Local Food and More to the market.  Customers wanted baking ingredients and 12 days later the first baking boxes were delivered locally including fresh ingredients.  4 weeks later, after receiving customer feedback, Britain Loves Baking was born – creating all the dry and ambient ingredients and recipes delivery to the nations door.  

My passion is helping others to find their own oasis, their own centre of calm. I’m a qualified Dyslexia Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sleep Consultant, Parenting Programme Facilitator, Mindfulness practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and hold a crochet diploma.

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