Request a promotional post

Please get in touch if you would like Jera’s Jamboree to host a promotion for your novel.

Request a promotional post

Promote your novel free on Jera's Jamboree with a Q&A

I also take part in promotions on book blog tours.

There is no fee for promoting a novel (author interview, guest post, book news, book in the spotlight etc).

I do have a preference of receiving the post 2 weeks in advance of the expected date for the post to be published, although I do understand that this may not always be possible!  The latest I would be able to schedule a post is the weekend before the expected date of the published post but I do also like to spend time with my family at weekends as well 🙂

Interview questions can be downloaded by clicking here.

Email [email protected]

I look forward to working with you.

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