Reading Challenge | Get out of your comfort zone

Why a reading challenge?

Do you feel as if you’re reading the same genre books again and again? Are you looking for a reading challenge to open new doors and new adventures?

I felt as if I had become stuck in a comfort reading rut.  There are so many fabulous books being published all the time as well as books available from back catalogues.  But I do have the tendency to stick to the same genre with the odd foray into fantasy or YA novels.  To shake myself up and help me step out of that rut I had fun creating a reading challenge.

Join in at any time of the year

You don’t have to sign up to anything. My challenge is free. There’s no expectation for you to let me know how you’re getting on but you’re welcome to tweet me @shazgoodwin or leave a comment on this page.

There’s no deadline. Pat from The Squirrel Basket started the challenge in January 2017 and completed it in June 2019. Read her final blog post on her website.

Right click and save the image below or download the PDF version and save to your device or desktop.

Reading Challenge
Reading Challenge
Download the Reading Challenge as a PDF

Add your own in, change my ideas.  Set your own reading goals. It’s important that a challenge is something you can achieve so be realistic.

Join in my challenge and release your imagination.