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Psychological Suspense | The Weaning by Hannah Vincent

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I’m delighted to be sharing with you Laura’s review of The Weaning by Hannah Vincent.

The Weaning is published my Myriad Editions and is Hannah Vincent’s second novel.

The Weaning Hannah Vincent

To professional couple Nikki and Rob, Bobbi appears to be the perfect childminder for their baby son.  But when they uncover Bobbi’s secret, everything changes.

Bobbi has a child-shaped hole in her life that her ‘silver fox’ lover can’t fill.

Troubled young couple, Kim and Connor are battling with social services to keep their baby, Jade when Bobbie arrives to help solve all their problems.

For Bobbi, it’s all about keeping your babies safe . . .

Beautifully observed and skilfully crafted, The Weaning is a perfectly judged portrait of a mind spiralling out of control.

Available to purchase in paperback format.


Bobbi, a child minder has a desire to look after children and as the story unfolds you find out why. Two vastly different families become involved with Bobbi but it’s her internal conflict which helps keep the suspense flowing. Detailed descriptions of her own children are used to portray her fragile character.

A tragic ending seems inevitable, except it is still shocking. This novel triggers social attitudes of mental health and the raw emotion in which this encompasses, especially when children are involved.

‘The Weaning’ is a well written  suspense novel focusing on loss, betrayal and mental health. It may be short however Hannah Vincent has carefully described events and characters to provide a page-turning story that does not disappoint.

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Hannah VincentHannah Vincent studied Drama and English at UEA. Her first play won the Royal Court Young Writer’s Competition and she has had several plays professional produced and has written plays for radio.  Hannah has worked as a childminder, bookseller and television script editor.  Her first novel Alarm Girl (Myriad) was published in 2014.

She lives in Brighton and is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Sussex.

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