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I enjoy Sue Johnson’s figurative writing in her stories and her poetry so I was excited to see what awaited when I opened the pages of Threads : Spinning the Web of Time.

Cover for poetry collection Threads : Spinning the Web of Time by Sue Johnson.

The inspiration for this collection was a totally unplanned visit to a magical shop in Evesham called Quilters Corner.


A long thin strand of cotton, silk, nylon or other fibres used in sewing or weaving.

A theme of characteristic running through a situation or piece of writing.

Threads : Spinning the Web of Time by Sue Johnson is published by Toadstone Press and is available to purchase in paperback format.


Sue’s writing is always very visual to me making it easy to slip into the scenes of her writing and Threads is no exception.

As I read I’m transported back to some of my own childhood memories of home and school that lay forgotten until Sue’s words have brought them to the surface. I’m reminded of just how powerful words can be!

I’m still fascinated by Sue’s synaesthetic perception of the world which she adds to some of the poems in the Threads collection:

The word ‘fragile’ tasted of white meringues.

I can’t imagine a world where words have tastes.

There are quite a few poems that resonated with me. One poem that really stood out is ‘Miss Croxford’ as it could have been my own experience in needlework at school and laid the foundation of my dislike of sewing…

Threads is a beautiful collection of poetry. The threads of Sue Johnson’s life has resonated with the fabric of mine. I will be dipping in and out of these poems for a long time to come and meandering down the paths of forgotten memories.

Author photo Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson is a writer, artist and musician. She is published as a poet, short story writer and novelist. Her short stories have been published in most UK women’s magazines and ‘That’s Life – Australia.’ She also writes books aimed at helping other writers.

She has published two novels with Indigo Dreams Publishing – ‘Fable’s Fortune’ and ‘The Yellow Silk Dress.’ She was short-listed for the prestigious Romance Writing Award in 2015 with her novel ‘Apple Orchard, Lemon Grove.’

Her first full collection of poetry ‘Tasting Words, Hearing Colours’ is also published by by Indigo Dreams where Sue explores synaesthesia (a condition she is fortunate to have), childhood memories and other stories.

Sue is a Writing Magazine Creative Writing Tutor and also runs her own brand of writing classes. Further details of her courses, publications and workshops can be found at www.writers-toolkit.co.uk.  Follow Sue on Twitter @SueJohnson9 and visit her Author Facebook Page to stay up to date.

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