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Disclaimer:  Prosper with Pinterest by Eliza Josephine was gifted to me and this post is about my experiences.

Are you interested in finding out more about Pinterest as a marketing tool but don’t know where to start?  Prosper with Pinterest may just be what you’re looking for.

Photo shows pins a jar for the Prosper to Pinterest course as using Pinterest as a marketing tool

I’ve been pinning on Pinterest since 2011, dipping in and out.  Over the past few months I made the decision to use Pinterest regularly, pinning my own content and also re-pinning relevant pins (emotional health, colour palettes, crochet patterns etc).  I’ve been wanting to get to grips with a Pinterest growth strategy and when the opportunity to try the course Prosper with Pinterest by Eliza Josephine came my way it was great timing!

Image shows Pinterest boards for Jera's Jamboree as part of demonstrating using Pinterest as a  marketing tool.

Firstly I want to share that this course is suitable for beginners. There are easy to follow instructions on getting Pinterest ready before you start the lectures and throughout Eliza takes you step-by-step through actionable tasks.  Equally, it is suitable if you have been pinning for a while and want to create your own pinning strategy.

Prosper with Pinterest isn’t just about Pinterest although everything relates to Pinterest as a marketing tool.  Eliza talks about why a blog and your content is important, research, marketing, your audience and why analytics are important to your strategy.  You can apply all of these things to blogging in general.

You’ll learn about the myths surrounding Pinterest, why you should be using Pinterest as a marketing tool, how to convert your Pinterest account to a business account as well as a bonus lecture on affiliate marketing.  There are fab tips on how to improve clicks and asking yourself key questions.  There’s much more!  Visit Eliza’s website for more information.

What did I think about the course? 

I found Eliza’s delivery in each lecture engaging and I think the language she uses makes the information accessible to a wide audience at whatever level of knowledge you have of Pinterest. 

I’m a hands-on learner and loved that Eliza uses her own Pinterest to demonstrate what she is teaching as well as other good examples she has found on Pinterest (I found it easy to pause the lecture to go to my own boards). 

Lectures aren’t lengthy … if you don’t have a chunk of time to work through each section, you can just listen to one lecture and still feel that you’ve made progress.  We all have busy lives and I think this is an important aspect of the course.  If you don’t have much time, it’s easy to get disheartened and maybe even stop, telling yourself you’ll pick it up again soon but often don’t continue.  I’m speaking from experience! 

I’ve always wondered about Tailwind and thanks to Eliza’s demo I have more of an idea of how to use it and the possible impact it can have on using Pinterest as a marketing strategy.

Progress is recorded on the Pinterest Progress Checker.  It’s in a simple format yet contains everything needed to compare progress over a period of time at a glance.  I’m a great believer in cutting out the waffle. 🙂

My takeaways from the course

  • I made tweaks to my profile based on Eliza’s recommendations.
  • I realised my boards were in a bit of a mess! 
  • My boards were too general and not specific enough.
  • My board names were too fussy.
  • I’ve used Canva for a while but didn’t know there were easier ways to do things!
  • The impact Group boards could have.
  • Just because a pin isn’t doing well it doesn’t mean it won’t!
  • Lots of tips and actions to incorporate into using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

What was the outcome?

Prosper with Pinterest took me 3 weeks to complete.  During that time I updated my profile, reorganised my boards, added keywords to boards and started adding relevant keywords to my pins. 

At the start of the course I had 935 Pinterest followers which increased to 952.  I started the course with traffic to my blog at weekly page views 130, the first week views increased to 145, second week increased to 218 and third week 240 (stats from Google Analytics).  Pinterest being the top referrer to my blog each week.

Screenshot from Google Analytics showing using Pinterest as a marketing tool increased page views.
Google Analytics screenshot

My Pinterest monthly unique views increased from 70,900 to 105,700 (stats from Pinterest analytics).  My email subscribers increased from 414 to 427 over the four week period. 

I haven’t applied all the strategies yet and I believe that for me, with the knowledge I’ve gained from the Prosper with Pinterest course, Pinterest as a marketing tool is going to have a great deal of impact. Highly recommended.

Author photo Eliza Josephine Prosper with Pinterest - Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Eliza Josephine helps entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Whether you are already running a business or are looking to turn your side hustle into your career, she can help you.

Eliza is a former Head of Marketing who has worked for marketing agencies, well-known brands, highly backed start-ups and one-man bands. She’s worked across beauty, food, property, business services and publishing, working across all channels from social media to TV to events to email marketing to print.

Eliza creates online courses and content to help entrepreneurs level-up and get ahead of the game.  She also works with a select number of companies on a 1:1 consultancy basis helping to implement marketing strategies. 




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