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Perfect romantic read ~ Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

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Last year I read Sarah Morgan’s Some Kind of Wonderful (book two in the Puffin Island trilogy) and Christmas Ever After (book three).


I said:


Sarah Morgan is a master at building tension (both sexually and with conflict) and I love how real her characters are. Totally relatable.

After reading Sleepless in Manhattan I’ve figured out what it is that I’m loving about her writing.  Yes it is romance but it’s how she writes about that attraction and makes me believe that the romance is on a much deeper level.  It’s not just that though, I love the friendships between the female characters too.  She makes me feel what her characters are feeling.

I loved Sleepless in Manhattan – this first book in the From Manhattan With Love trilogy is my favourite so far.


384 pages

Publisher: MIRA (10 Mar. 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1848454554

ISBN-13: 978-1848454552

Great friends. Amazing Apartment. An incredible job. Paige has ticked off every box on perfect New York life checklist. Until disaster strikes and instead of shimming further up the career ladder, Paige is packing up her desk.

Her brother’s best friend Jake might be the only person who can help her put her life back together. He also happens to be the boy she spent her teen years pining after, and Paige is determined not repeat her past mistakes. But the more time she spends with Jake, the more Paige realises the one thing that was missing from her world all along: The perfect New York love story…


With some stories it takes me a while to get into the plot as I’m getting to know the characters and their lives but with a Sarah Morgan novel I’m part of the story straight away.  Identifying with the characters from the very beginning means I don’t have to feel my way into the story … I’m already there.

When we first meet Paige she is excited about her upcoming promotion at Star Events.  Walking to work alongside friends Eva and Frankie we get to know all three.  I loved the way the girls personalities interlock and balance each other.  Three works particularly well in Sarah’s stories.  We hear plenty about toxic boss Cynthia but only meet her for one crucial scene which sets the three friends off on a totally different career path.

Jake has a very successful business so although there has been a distance between him and Paige, he is crucial to what happens next.  Not only is he a top businessman and oozes sex appeal but he talks sense!

“Success teaches you nothing, but failure teaches you resilience.  It teaches you to pick yourself up and try again.”

I challenge you not to fall for Jake 🙂

Yes, the ‘dance’ of the romance is predictable but not how it is done.  If you’re going to be trapped in a lift then Jake’s the one to be trapped with (that was one hot scene).  We know where the story is heading but it’s one hell of an emotional roller coaster getting there.

I have to say I loved the quotes from Paige, Eva and Frankie that start each chapter.  They’re well known quotes but with a twist that fits the girls personalities.

Sleepless in Manhattan is glitz and glamour as well as down to earth and relatable.  Manhattan comes alive (loved the roof garden on Matt’s apartment building and the movie nights up there). Paige, Eva, Frankie, Jake and Matt all have something in their pasts they need to get over … and Frankie’s story is next in book two, Sunset in Central Park (publishing 14th July) followed by Eva’s story in Miracle on Fifth Avenue (October).

They can all be read as stand-alone stories but whether you read one book, all three out of order or in order you can be guaranteed of one thing – contemporary romance that will have you falling in love with all the characters and for that all important thing we want from a romance – a HEA 🙂

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I purchased my copy of Sleepless in Manhattan.  Imagine my surprise when I started to read on my Kindle and saw a quote from me!  I had no idea.


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