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Whilst we’re delighted to share Laura’s thoughts with you about The Secret Language of Cats by Susanne Schötz, there is sadness too as Laura lost one of her cats when she was reading this.

Highly recommended by Laura.

Book Cover The Secret Language of Cats Susanne Schotz

Do you speak to your cat? Do you feel your cat understands you and vice versa?

Cat lovers across the globe know cats can speak. In this compelling new book, Susanne Schotz – a professor at Sweden’s Lund University – shares insights into her long-standing cat communication research. Proving that cats not only speak to one another, but also to their human caretakers.

This clever book teaches us how to better understand our cats by translating their sounds, recognising their meaning in different situations and giving practical tips to understand them better.

Unlocking the cat code, this crash course in cat phonetics is the perfect gift for cat-lovers everywhere.

The Secret Language of Cats published November 2018 and is available to purchase in digital, paperback, hardcover and audiobook formats.


Sadly it has taken me awhile to read The Secret Language of Cats as I lost a precious cat to saddle thrombus, while reading. Gizmo was a wonderful companion and at only 4 years old it came as a great shock to our family.

This is an informative book which explains in detail the diverse phonetic language of cats. I was looking forward to listening out to Gizmo as he was very communicative and I adored his chirps and trills. We still have his sister, Smokey but she is definately quieter, including her purr.

My husband and I realised both of them communicated with us in a similar way to each other, we were treated as part of the family. They hardly meowed and we loved their different sounds throughout the day.

I enjoyed this book as I hope it will help to understand Smokey more. We try to talk and play with her more, as she clearly misses her brother, especially for naps, play and grooming.

A great book with lots of scientific detail and examples of communication between cats and their owners. A wonderful gift for any cat owner.      

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  • Raisie Bay (@RaisieBay)

    Oh Laura, I’m so sorry you lost your cat, I’ve lost a few over the years and it’s always really painful as they really are part of the family. This book sounds fantastic though, and would be a great gift for any cat lover. My eldest daughter is already an expert in cat communication, she has trained many a cat and always knows exactly what they want as if she can understand what they are saying to her. It’s not all about the meow but we did have a cat that loved milk and she would come into the kitchen while we were making drinks and meow which sounded incredibly like ‘milk.’

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