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We’re delighted to be sharing Elena’s thoughts about Marked Cards by Emmanuel Olympitis.

Book cover Marked Cards by Emmanuel Olympitis

Marked Cards by Emmanuel Olympitis is published by Quartet Books and is available to purchase in hardcover format.

Emmanuel ‘Manoli’ Olympitis has frequently been described by the press as not only banker or businessman, but also socialite and playboy. At a young age Manoli was successively a director of a London merchant bank, chief executive of a publicly listed financial services company, and executive chairman of one of the largest Lloyd’s insurance brokers. At fifty he became chairman of a well-known public company in the forefront of the e-commerce boom. There were entrepreneurial excursions in New York and Los Angeles along the way. During his undergraduate years he was a member of the British international fencing squad and a double Kent County fencing champion. Marked Cards is a live-wire account that features three decades of life in the fast lane, charting the ascent of a youthful financier who was simultaneously a fixture in London’s social scene. All work and all play makes for a delicious memoir, as this sparkling trove of memories reminds us. From the Swinging Sixties into the 1990s, the author details a glittering thirty years of star-studded anecdotes set in high-end hangouts all around the world accompanied by a string of glamorous girlfriends. He recalls his life’s twists and turns, the endless parties, and the high-stakes poker games.


Marked Cards is a raucous memoir by Emanuel ‘Manoli’ Olympitis which tells the story of his glamorous life and the people he’s met along the way.

Manoli was born in London to Greek parents and had a privileged upbringing completing a law degree before becoming a successful business man. He quickly became subject of society columns due to his high society lifestyle, partying with socialites and celebrities alike. He tells the story of his turbulent marriage to an heiress and his brush with the Mafia before meeting his soulmate and eventually turning his back on the lifestyle he enjoyed for so many years.

I enjoyed the book. The writing style is familiar and humorous and as a lover of a bit of scandal, some of his revelations are really juicy, in particular those relating to Roald Dahl and Truman Capote.

I found it interesting hearing about what life was like in the swinging 60s to the 70s.

It’s a thoroughly entertaining read which gives you a glimpse into the kind of high society lifestyle most of us can only imagine having! 

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Emmanuel Olympitisis a British businessman who has held many public company directorships during his career. His executive roles include Bankers Trust International, Aitken Hume International plc, Johnson & Higgins Ltd and Pacific Media plc. Under his guidance, Johnson & Higgins won a Queen’s Award for Exports.


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