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Today I’m sharing my thoughts on June McLeod’s Colour Psychology Today.  If you follow my blog or my social media channels you will realise how I feel about colour (those freezing fog days nearly broke me – all that grey!).  In the distant past I have delivered sessions for mental health patients around colour and how it affects mood.  One of my all time favourite websites is Design Seeds where I can lose hours browsing through the colour palettes! Something I’ve always wondered is what my colour vision is and last year, as part of the free FutureLearn ‘The Power of Colour’ course I took the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Colour Vision Test.  The aim of the test is to correctly order colour palettes and can determine colour vision deficiency.  I wasn’t surprised that my error score was low (8 – the orange bar in the image below compared to the rest of the world in blue):

Colour Psychology Today

However, the effect that colour has on us doesn’t rely totally on what we see.  June McLeod in her latest release, Colour Psychology Today, shares her experiences and knowledge from 30+ years of working with colour.

Colour Psychology Today

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 3410 KB

Print Length: 296 pages

Publisher: O-Books (9 Dec. 2016)

Language: English


Colour Psychology Today reveals new colour psychology information that comes from the author’s pioneering research and studies on colour. The book discloses unique knowledge on how colour psychology impacts on the business world and the individual, borne out of the author’s extensive work as a colour consultant and trainer that spans more than thirty years. Colour Psychology Today is unlike any other colour psychology book available. It is a ‘must have’ for colour enthusiasts, branding experts, marketeers, advertising execs, graphic designers, and anyone who would like to expand and develop the application of colour in their field of work.


There is so much information packed within these pages.  From the building blocks about colour through to practical exercises and for use as an individual through to using as a brand, there is something for everyone no matter what your interest is.

There is a simple exercise which makes very clear the wavelengths and frequencies.  You’ll find out the meanings of each colour and the effect it has.  You’ll learn the facts and find out the experiments/case studies June McLeod has undertaken.  As an intuitive, the author has collaborated with a professional musician to create the very first coloured music CD.  I have a favourite chakra guided meditation and would love to compare this with The Colours of Soul CD.  The music takes you through the colour spectrum, key by key and is healing for a myriad of needs.

The author shares things such as which colours to use in different settings and for different emotions, the best colours to get noticed at meetings, linguistic colour associations, corporate branding, colour personalities and your soul number colour correlation.  If you’re leading a group session June Macleod gives tips and exercises.

It does feel at times as if the author feels as if she needs to prove herself and I do understand as 30+ years ago was a very different climate than it is today.  My only negative is that it does feel repetitive at times but that may be because I have some knowledge and may be different for you.

I liked June McLeod’s down to earth and no nonsense approach to language which makes her knowledge accessible to all. I’ve learnt new things (ie how to use colour for divination) and am fascinated by the water exercise!  With the sun out a couple of times I’ve even managed to do one of the exercises.  I felt a marked difference between before and after.

Colour Psychology Today is a recommended read from me.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Colour Psychology Today:

The correct colour palette will support self-development and well-being in the individual, create a sanctuary and harmony in the home, and drive sales, expansion, productivity and success in business.

I've been blogging about my interests at Jera's Jamboree for 9+ years. My love of reading, crocheting, being out in nature and positive psychology are all things that help me unwind from my role as an Inclusion Lead in a primary school.

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