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The miracle of your eyes (and why you should care for them)

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In a society moving towards a healthier lifestyle (where sugar free and mental wellness dominates the news and other media) and where the NHS is being proactive, our eye health is something that I think is regularly overlooked.  And yet our sight is something that is so important to everything we do and probably the thought of sight loss is one of the biggest anxieties we have.

Just take a minute to think about how extraordinary our eyes are.

  • our eyes make approximately 200,000 movements per day
  • they enable us to distinguish around 10 million colours
  • our eyes take information from the world around us in the form of light waves and transmit that information for the brain to make sense of and ‘see’

Isn’t that miraculous? Something we should safeguard and protect.

Eye test eye care


With the link between diabetes and eye disease, I’ve come to realise over the past 10 years just how important it is to have regular eye tests and follow guidance for healthy eyes.  Every year I ensure I attend my appointment so that any problems can be detected early.  Before that?  It wasn’t something I even thought of!  In just a year, I now have prescription glasses for driving and reading.  It’s not something I can say I particularly noticed although if I hadn’t gone for my eye test and carried on driving with deteriorating vision I would have been breaking the law.  Pause for thought!

Did you know that in relation to glaucoma, it is possible to lose 40% of your sight without even noticing …


When was the last time you had your eyes tested?


In a world that moves fast, eye care isn’t seen as a priority and not just for adults.  In my experience (through my role at school), the younger children rely on strategies they’ve found for coping with poor vision but as the learning becomes more difficult, the gap between themselves and their peers widen.  My first question to parents when a child suddenly struggles at school is to ask when their child last had their eyes tested.  The response is often ‘never.’ Recently, three children’s struggles with their learning were corrected by a visit to an optician and a prescription for glasses.  What a simple solution!  (Although they need regular reminders to wear their glasses in school 🙂 )

eye test eye care


When did you last take your child for an eye test?

One statistic that will horrify you as much as it did me is that out of the 2 million people living in the UK with sight loss, 50% of these could have been prevented by regular eye tests.  FIFTY PERCENT.  Which could have been prevented by regularly visiting an optician for a test that takes about 20 minutes and often free with a promotion.

Be one of the people who are proactive, not the one (or family member) who suffers from a preventative loss of sight.

Julie Walters CBE treasures everything she sees:





Make this week during National Eye Health Week the start of your new eye care routine.


eye test eye care


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