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The Lines We Leave Behind by Eliza Graham was a big hit with Alice-Jane and we’re delighted to be sharing her thoughts on tour today.

The Lines We Leave Behind Eliza Graham

  • Paperback: 318 pages
  • Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (1 Nov. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 147780515X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1477805152

England, 1947: A young woman finds herself under close observation in an insane asylum, charged with a violent crime she has no memory of committing. As she tries to make sense of her recent past, she recalls very little.

But she still remembers wartime in Yugoslavia. There she and her lover risked everything to carry out dangerous work resisting the Germans—a heroic campaign in which many brave comrades were lost. After that, the trail disappears into confusion. How did she come to be trapped in a living nightmare?

As she struggles to piece together the missing years of her life, she will have to confront the harrowing experiences of her special-operations work and peacetime marriage. Only then can she hope to regain the vital memories that will uncover the truth: is she really a violent criminal…or was she betrayed?

Available to purchase in digital, hardcover, paperback and audiobook formats.


Wow! What an amazing read! I literally could not put this book down!

With the main character fighting her demons from the past war years in her troubled mental present state, the reader is drawn into a complex world of fear, anger, loss and confusion.

Amber’s war work allows one to assess the effects it has on its individuals- looking at the mental scars and not just the physical.  Whereas the readers find oneself focusing on the enigma of a relationship between Robert and Maud and wondering whether it was the war that doomed them.

Eliza Graham, has written her story with such a powerful force, focusing on patriotism and family ties and how the past will determine your future.

A highly recommended read. I cannot wait to find another Eliza Graham story!

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The Lines We Leave Behind Eliza Graham


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