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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts for Saving Francesca Maier by Claire Wingfield. This is the first story in the This City series.

book cover Saving Francesca Maier by Claire Wingfield

Can you leave the past in another country?

Francesca Maier knows little of her father’s home country or her parents’ life together before she was born. A summer in Berlin brings the past – and its secrets – alive. Adrift in a foreign city, she finds an unexpected friend in east Berliner Antonio – but what will he sacrifice to save her?

‘Saving Francesca Maier’ probes the secrets every family hides and the choices we make in a volatile world.

Contains writing prompts and author interview, making this the perfect Book Club read.

Saving Francesca Maier by Claire Wingfield is published by Off the Press Books and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats. Large print is also available.


Saving Francesca Maier explores a family and their secrets.

A couple take their teenage daughter, Francesca to Berlin for the summer. Being part German, Francesca wants to soak up the city. She meets and befriends Antonio.

As with teenagers, a time in life to continue to learn and explore their surrounding world, it is also a time to make mistakes. Francesca struggles not always having a thorough understanding of certain situations.

The story delves into how families can have and hide secrets. It also outlines the need for some family member’s to tell theirs.

Having visited Berlin a few times to stay with a friend, I enjoyed reading about the areas that I have visited. The setting was captured well.

A great read, thought-provoking and wonderfully written.

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Claire Wingfield graduated from her English degree at Cambridge University in 2002, and has worked in books and publishing ever since.

She lives in Edinburgh, where she runs a busy literary and editorial consultancy, is mum to two book-loving children, and is writing ’52 Missions for Children’s Writers – (Learn a Circus Skill, Go Out in Disguise, and 50 Other Ways to Inspire Your Children’s Novel)’. She has also created the Complete Book Marketing Toolkit to help writers organize their promotional activity.

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