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Literary Fiction | How to Keep a Secret | Sarah Morgan

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How to Keep a Secret is a move away for Sarah Morgan from her usual romance novels (I’ve read and loved those romance novels) but you don’t have to be worry.  Sarah Morgan’s writing style is very much in evidence and whereas before she pulled me in totally with all the feels for the ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ that’s been extended to include family members too.  So emotional …

How to Keep a Secret Sarah Morgan

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 820 KB

Print Length: 384 pages

Publisher: HQ (14 Jun. 2018)

Language: English


This summer one family will discover that together, they can do anything.

Three generations of Stewart women, all with secrets to keep…

Matriarch Nancy knows she hasn’t been the best mother but how can she ever tell her daughters the reason why? Lauren and Jenna are as close as two sisters can be and they made a pact years ago to keep a devastating secret from their mother – but is it time to come clean? Lauren’s teenage daughter Mackenzie masks her own pain by keeping her mother at a distance. Her mother, aunt and grandmother keep trying to reach her but will it take a stranger to show her the true meaning of family?

When life changes in an instant, the Stewart women are thrown together for a summer and suddenly they must relearn how to be a family. And whilst unravelling their secrets might be their biggest challenge, it could also be their finest moment . . .

Publishing today in digital, paperback and audio formats.


Sarah Morgan is skilled at drawing the reader in with her characters and settings.  She writes some of the best scenes that in the past have given me chills (cliched but true) and in How to Keep a Secret that extended far beyond a hero and heroine.

Narrated in turn by our four main characters, I immediately felt a connection with Laura, Jenna and Mack.  Early on I dismissed Nancy but oh how wrong that was.  Just as I was fooled in other parts of the story I took for face value Laura and Jenna’s narrations about their mum, not thinking to look for why.  De-cluttering for Nancy is symbolic of much more … the chrysalis turning into a butterfly 🙂 The teen angst of Mack as well as the trauma of change is portrayed so well.  For me there’s often one character I identify with the most but not in this story.  I felt like a part of this family and when there is heartache it was mine too just as when there is hope I felt lifted as well.

I have one of the BIGGEST bookhangovers this year.  How to Keep a Secret was a page turner for me and even though it feels like the story was over in a blink of an eye I’m still living in this world.  Love – the love of a mother for her child/ren, the love of a sister, the love between a man and a woman and a tangle of emotions for those closest to you …with all the complications, fears and utter joy are between these pages. One of my top reads this year. Perfection.

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