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Literary Fiction | Indecent by Corinne Sullivan | Guest review by Laura

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It’s paperback publication for Indecent by Corinne Sullivan today and we’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s review on tour.

Laura found this story difficult to put down despite the awkward feelings Imogene provoked in her.

Indecent Corinne Sullivan


Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: HQ (31 May 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0008244782

ISBN-13: 978-0008244781


She’s a teacher. She knows the rules.

When recent college graduate Imogene Abney takes a job as a teacher at pricey and exclusive The Vandenberg School, an institution populated by the most privileged boys in America, she is plunged into an unfamiliar world.

Struggling to adjust, Imogene welcomes the friendship of student Adam Kipling. But when Adam starts taking things too far, she crosses a line that could result in disaster ―losing her job, jail, and the total ruin of her reputation.

Suddenly Imogene is facing her worst nightmare, even though Adam began their affair, which hardly seems fair to Imogene. Especially when Adam is telling a very different story and the authorities seem to be on his side.

She’s the innocent one…Isn’t she?

A twisty read following an affair between a young female teacher and male boarding school student that fans of Curtis Sittenfeld, Zoe Heller and Donna Tartt will devour.

Available to purchase in digital, hardcover, audio and now paperback formats.


I found Indecent difficult to review as it was well written but I found the main protagonist arduous and hard to like, although Imogene was an interesting character.

Imogene, a teaching apprentice at a boys boarding school, begins an affair with a student. Socially awkward, sexually inexperienced with anxiety, Imogene’s character is immature and unlike her 22 years.

This story challenges the concept of age and maturity. Imogene understands the rules against student teacher relationships and yet she allows it to happen. Adam seems to be using Imogene for sex, while she craves acceptance and love.

I was drawn into the portrayal of her introverted personality but I could not condone her acceptance of the affair. I cringed at her obsessive behaviour, especially when there was no sign of reciprocation. I found her actions to be predatory when she instigated communication, but at times would feel sympathy for her loneliness and anxiety.

An interesting read that explored the mind of a fragile young woman, who undoubtedly made the wrong choice.  It showcases the pressure women feel with appearance and acceptance.

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Corinne SullivanCorinne Sullivan studied English with a Creative Writing Concentration at Boston College, where she graduated in 2014. She then received her MFA in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College in 2016. Her stories have appeared in Night Train, Knee-Jerk, and Pithead Chapel, among other publications. Indecent is her debut novel.​

When she’s not writing, Corinne is teaching spin classes, performing with DanceWorks New York City, and working as a bookseller at the independent book store, Book Culture. She lives with her fiancé and her fat dog, Jack, in Long Island City.

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Twitter @corinnzo



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Indecent Corinne Sullivan

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