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I’m taking part in a blog tour today with my review of Ginny Moon by debut author Benjamin Ludwig.  This is a story that you can’t help but be affected by.

Book cover for Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

Publisher: HQ (1 Jun. 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1848455429

ISBN-13: 978-1848455429

The story of a lost girl searching for her forever home.

Everyone tells Ginny that she should feel happy….

After years in foster care, fourteen year old Ginny is finally with parents who will love her. Yet despite finding her forever family, she knows she will never stop crafting her Big Secret Plan of Escape.

Because something heart-breaking happened a long time ago – something that only Ginny knows – and nothing will stop her going back to put it right…

A fiercely poignant, inspirational story of a lost girl making sense of a world that just doesn’t seem to add up – Ginny Moon will change everyone who spends time with her.


When children/teenagers have life experiences of being fostered it’s difficult for them on so many levels.  Our narrator, 14 year old Ginny, has spent time since she was 9 in foster homes and she engages with life through the autistic spectrum.  Taking things literally, thinking logically and not being able to empathise affects every situation.  As readers we have the privilege of seeing Ginny’s thoughts and realising the impact this has on everyday living – and how frustrating it is too!

Ginny is an amazing heroine.  She is tenacious and resourceful in trying to get to where she wants to be and even though it goes against what we see as acceptable in society, she’s logical in her plans.  I was fascinated by her beliefs and misconceptions.  Why she can’t answer more than one question and what happens if her mouth is open is oh so logical.  One of those beliefs is the driving force behind the jeopardy of her life in the Blue House with Forever parents Brian and Maura. None of the professionals understand either.  There are other complications which are heartbreaking and also quite a few tense moments.  At times I was cheering and of course there are times when I felt heavy with sadness.  I loved Ginny’s growing ability to be able to voice her opinions and the shock of the people involved. Once a crises had passed, I never knew where Ginny would take us next or even how it would all conclude. Such an uplifting ending.

Benjamin Ludwig uses his own experiences really well (Ginny Moon was partly inspired by his adoption of a young lady with autism) to create an inspirational character and a plot that feels very real.  Last year I attended a two day conference on autism and one of the adult speakers shared his barriers and needs on the spectrum.  Although it gave me more of an idea of what life was like through those different lenses, Ginny Moon has opened the door even wider.  In my opinion, Ginny Moon should be read by everyone!  In fact, I’m keeping Ginny Moon on my shelf at work 🙂

Ginny Moon is available in Kindle format and hardcover.

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