Jana Reinhardt launches first charity necklace

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You may remember back in the summer I spotlighted unique handcrafted jewellery from Jana Reinhardt.

I just had to share with you the news that Jana Reinhardt recently launched a unique Orangutan necklace to support charity Ovaid, a charity dedicated to sending vets to orangutan rescue groups and providing veterinary equipment and medicines.

Handmade Orangutan necklace

Handmade orangutan pendant in support of Ovoid charity

And here it is!

This uniquely designed necklace was inspired by the orangutan’s battle against extinction. It features a finely detailed miniature orangutan charm, swinging from a matching curb chain. How cute!

Jana says

“I came up with the idea of making the necklace after watching the BBC’s, ‘Saving the Orangutan’ programme. I wanted to create a special orangutan piece and donate all profits to a charity helping these amazing apes. 

“Orangutans share 97% of our DNA and a recent study showed we have at least 28 unique physical characteristics in common with them. Watching the terrible plight of these wonderful creatures; from orphaned baby orangutans, to starving ape families and the bleak future of some of the animals who now live in captivity, you can’t help but be moved and I wanted to do something to help.

“I love hand-carving animals for my jewellery collections. Creating this tiny chimp was a real challenge to get just right, but to use my skills to make something that can potentially help these animals means a lot.

“We need to realise that the orangutan might may not be here forever if we don’t work to safeguard their future. The piece is intended to celebrate these wonderful  animals, raise awareness of their situation and help by donating all profits to a charity that vastly improves the outlook for rescued orangutans.”

Available in sterling silver, 18ct yellow and rose gold vermeil, solid gold, or platinum, the piece is available at a range of price points, allowing orangutan fans and conservationists to find an option that suits tastes and budget.

Orangutan necklace from Jana Reinhardt in support of Ovaid charity

£20 from the sale of each of these stunning hand-crafted necklaces will be donated to Ovaid.

As a family we donate from our salaries to different charities (as I’m sure a lot of people do) and I absolutely love it when I hear of businesses stepping up and giving too.

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