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We’re delighted to share Laura’s thoughts on non-fiction A Very British Christmas by Rhodri Marsden.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

A Very British Christmas Rhodri Marsden

The essential Christmas stocking filler for every Brit who’s ever found themselves on a deflating air bed in their parents’ spare room wedged up against the washing machine come Christmas Eve and wondering why this Christmas, just like every year, doesn’t look like the ones on the telly.

A Very British Christmas is a twelve-stage sleigh ride through the best, worst, strangest and funniest aspects of the Christmas holiday, with cultural icons saluted, national habits dissected and personal reminiscences from those who’ve eaten all the mince pies and lived to tell the tale.

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This will make a great stocking filler as filled with witty anecdotes and true life stories on Christmas. There are certainly some we can all relate to.

From the idiosyncratic family traditions of decorations,turkey or not, Christmas dinner, present giving to our social attitudes to pantomime, boozy parties and music, this book includes it all.

Rhodri Marsden has a wonderful sense of humour and I loved the personal stories. I read aloud many of these to my husband, which caused many giggles. A great book for the dinner table, in my family we enjoy silly stories and games after eating our lunch.

As a Christmas lover, I enjoyed reading the many different aspects that makes it special. Of course I understand it also explains why people are on the other end of the spectrum, and more bah humbug!

It’s nostalgic to look back and realise each family have their own traditions, some great, some weird.

I loved this book, and laughed a lot!

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