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How To Help Your Dog Live Its Best Life

We’re not alone in treating our dog Taz as part of the family.

According to research, about 95.5% of dog owners consider their dogs to be members of their family.

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This research shows how much humans can love and get attached to their pets. Therefore, it would be true to say that you would want the best for your dog, which involves having your dog live happy and healthy.

Below are a few tips to consider to help you achieve this.

Make your dog’s oral hygiene your priority

Many dog owners overlook the importance of dental hygiene, and as a result, do not brush their dog’s teeth frequently.

It usually leads to dogs having poor oral hygiene and increases their chances of getting plaque and gingivitis. These two can also lead to your dog having periodontal disease. 

A bacterial infection causes periodontal disease in the mouth, leading to heart disease and other organ damage in dogs. However, you can prevent your dog from going through this ordeal by brushing the teeth regularly.

Taz hates his teeth being cleaned! We do try regularly … but also substitute teeth cleaning with safe chew toys and some dental treats as well. In his 13 years, he’s only had one scale and polish at the vets.

Don’t forget to let the vet do periodic checks on your dog’s mouth. For Taz it’s part of his annual checkup.

Let your dog get some more exercise

If you follow me on social media you’ll have seen me posting photos of Taz out on our daily walks.

Exercising with your dog helps keep both of you in good shape and helps prolong your dog’s lifespan.

Exercise is known to cause a release of endorphins, which lowers stress and helps balance both humans’ and dogs’ moods and emotions.

Exercise also helps regulate your dog’s weight and muscle mass and keeps its cardiovascular system in good shape.

You can help make your dog happier and healthier by lengthening the time for walks.

You can also opt for your dog to have some playtime with other dog friends so it can reap the benefits of socialisation.

Just in case there is any injury or strain while playing, you can consider getting cbd oil for your dog to give pain relief.

Give your dog a healthy diet

You can give your dog a healthy diet by being very particular about the content of the foods you feed them and the overall quantity of calories they consume.

When purchasing food for your dog, be sure to read the labels. It will help you pick out foods that do not contain excess sodium, needless fillers, and other harmful ingredients. Instead, look out for foods containing whole ingredients and those sourced using responsible means.

Bee sure to keep your dog’s calorie intake in check. Dogs who consume fewer calories daily live longer than other dogs who overeat. However, before making drastic changes to your dog’s diet, be sure to consult the vet for directions since different dogs have different needs.

Taz was always a fussy eater until we found something he loved and thrived on that our vets sell. We get a great deal, getting a bag free every 4th purchase. It’s worth checking if your vets do something similar.

The sad but inevitable truth is that a dog life span can never match up to human lifespans, and no amount of money can buy your dog some life.

Careful treatment and regular visits to the vet can help your dog live its natural span. You may even be able to help your dog outlive its expected lifespan by a few years with the proper habits. That way, you can enjoy each other’s company some more.

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