Hot Chocolate Bombs | Indulgence and comfort in a mug

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What could possibly be better than snuggling up with a book and a selection of hot chocolate bombs? 

In our opinion, nothing can compare with that feeling of indulgence, of being exactly where you should be and taking the time out to show yourself some self-care and love.  Yes, you deserve it.

Hot chocolate in glass mugs

Hot chocolate bombs are pure magic. 

Very little effort (unless you’re making them yourself!) needed … put your bomb into a mug, heat some milk until steaming and slowly pour over the chocolate ball to let the marshmallows escape from inside the chocolate ball and leave you with a deliciously indulgent treat! 

Whether you’re buying for yourself, a gift for someone else or even thinking of making your own, we’re sharing our favourites. 

Keep scrolling for the books we’ve recently read and loved.

Put your feet up, have a browse, and get planning your next ‘me’ session.

Indulge with ready-made hot chocolate bombs

Santa hot chocolate bomb
Reindeer hot chocolate bomb

Looking for ideas for what to put in your Christmas Eve box this year or looking for a Christmas Tree gift?  iLoveToCocoa have you covered. 

And the packing is cute too!

Created using the finest Belgian chocolate, the shell of the bomb is tempered to create a beautiful shine. The chocolate is then dusted with edible shimmer for a Christmassy finish!

Each bomb has hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows inside.

Select from Red Santa or Green Reindeer packaging.

iLoveToCocoa delivers to Northern Ireland but not Republic of Ireland.

Reindeer hot chocolate bombs

A cost effective way of gifting hot chocolate bombs are these 3 Rudolph Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Melts from Lakeland.

Not only will you find the mini marshmallows hidden inside so that they pop out when the bomb melts, but these come with a sachet of GOLD SHIMMER.

A lovely festive treat.

Hot Chocolate Sheep Bombs

We’re spoiled for choice from iLoveToCocoa … yes these sheep really are hot chocolate bombs – so clever! Disguised in a fleece of marshmallows they sit on a layer of jelly beans or dolly mixtures. Choose from Georgina (she has the flower – delightful!) or George.

iLoveToCocoa delivers to Northern Ireland but not Republic of Ireland.

Trio of chocolate bombs from Lakeland.  One milk chocolate, one dark and one salted caramel

We’re loving this trio of bombs from Lakeland.

Prefer dark chocolate or have a passion for salted caramel? As well as milk chocolate you’ll get one of each in this pack.

Each bomb has 50g of mini marshmallows inside.

Keep for yourself or give as a gift!

Open hot chocolate bomb

Our next pick could see you the shining star to your family and friends.

Kingsbridge have recently released hot chocolate bombs which are available to buy in 2 packs of 3. 

That’s six bombs to give as gifts (or keep some for yourself too).  Just buy some pretty gift wrap and ribbon and you’ll impress.  

Great value at working out just over £3 per bomb too.

Make your own hot chocolate bombs

If you’re worried you won’t be able to temper the chocolate, we suggest you either follow the method from Krysten at Wandering Recipes (using baking chocolate) or the Allrecipes method (using chocolate chips). 

Click here to visit Krysten at Wandering Recipes.

Click here to visit Allrecipes.

If you prefer to follow a video, Laura at Crafty not Shifty came up with a great way to DIY chocolate bombs (and she tempers her chocolate the traditional way and isn’t afraid to share it went wrong).

Snuggle up with your hot chocolate and a good book.

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Don’t care for hot chocolate but you love coffee?  Click here to find out if you’re a coffee connoisseur or addict

Indulging yourself or surprising a loved one, we think you will agree that this is one of those treats that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Enjoy!

Hot Chocolate Bombs by iLoveCocoa
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  • Dawn Obrien

    Oh what a shame, they don’t deliver to Ireland! They look fab, I was going to do as you suggested and give one and keep one!

    • Shaz Goodwin

      Hey Dawn, how are you? We haven’t chatted for ages!

      Kingsbridge should deliver to Ireland. Becky from iLoveToCocoa says she delivers to Northern Ireland but not Republic of Ireland. Waiting to hear from GourmetChocPizzaCo.

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