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I’m delighted to be hosting Choc Lit author Victoria Cornwall in celebration of paperback publication of book one and the ebook release of book two in the Cornish Tales series.  The Thief’s Daughter tells the story of Jenna and The Captain’s Daughter, Janey is the lead character.  Victoria Cornwall is chatting to us today about those characters, the scenes she enjoyed writing the most, the advice she would have given her characters and much more.

If you’re a fan of Poldark or Downtown Abbey, you won’t want to miss the Cornish Tales series!

Victoria Cornwall Cornish Tales series


Victoria Cornwall Cornish Tales SeriesVictoria Cornwall grew up on a farm in Cornwall. She can trace her Cornish roots as far back as the 18th century and it is this background and heritage which is the inspiration for her Cornish based novels.

Following a fulfilling twenty-five year career as a nurse, a change in profession finally allowed her the time to write. Since then, Victoria’s writing has been shortlisted for the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romantic Fiction and twice nominated for the RONÉ “Best Indie or Small Published book” Award. In 2017, her novel, The Thief’s Daughter, was a finalist for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Joan Hessayon Award.

Victoria is married and has two grown up children. She likes to read and write historical fiction with a strong background story, but at its heart is the unmistakable emotion, even pain, of loving someone.

She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Historical Novel Society.

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Hi Victoria,

Welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.

Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog today to help celebrate the double release of the first two novels in my Cornish Tales series. The Thief’s Daughter, which was released as an eBook in January but is now out as a paperback, and The Captain’s Daughter, which was released as an eBook, were both released earlier this month.


Please summarise The Thief’s Daughter and The Captain’s Daughter in 20 words or less.

They are both Cornish-based, historical fiction which have a strong background story but at the centre is the unmistakable emotion, passion and even pain of loving someone.


Please tell us about the characters in your novels.

The Thief’s Daughter is the story of Jenna, a young, law-abiding woman who has spent much of her life trying to distance herself from her family’s reputation for thievery. However, when her brother, Silas, asks for her help to pay his creditors, Jenna feels unable to refuse and finds herself entering the dangerous world of the smuggling trade. Jenna is brave and kind, but she is torn. Her heart wants to help her brother – her head tells her it is wrong. Add to the mix her brother’s growing resentment for the new, mysterious man who has employed her as his housekeeper and you can understand why Jenna is struggling to decide where her allegiances lie. However, she is brave and feisty and no ditherer. Her struggle is inward, but outwards her actions are adventurous, courageous and passionate. Eventually, the worlds of justice and crime collide, leading to danger and heartache for all concerned and Jenna has to face the consequences.


Janey, in The Captain’s Daughter, changes over the course of the story. Educated and orphaned, she is forced into service at the age of thirteen. Although she has had to overcome a great tragedy in her life, at the start of the novel her loneliness and concern for others exposes her naivety. Two men enter her life and both change it in a way she could never foresee. A new Janey emerges as she has to find her inner strength in order to survive. She learns the true character of each man, and they, in turn, learn the true character of the quiet woman in their midst.


What scene did you enjoy writing the most?

In The Thief’s Daughter, I enjoyed writing the scenes where the antagonist features heavily. What a character he is! I loved writing his thoughts, his strange point of view, his insecurities and his vulnerability. The last time we see him was my favourite to write. Perhaps, in a strange way, it was a moment of closure for us both and I took the unusual step of using his point of view in that particular scene, which I think is unusual.


In The Captain’s Daughter there is a bedside scene. Although I know what is coming, I always cry when I read it. I have been told that I am not the only one. I really enjoyed writing it. The hero in The Captain’s Daughter is very special to me and I think this scene shows us how he really feels about the woman he is talking to. His confession exposes his soul and that is both interesting to write and heart-wrenching to read – or at least is for me when I read it.


If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book Victoria, what would it be …

Good question!

In The Thief’s Daughter I would advise Jenna to follow her head, not her heart. So hard to do when family and a love interest is waiting for you in the following pages!

In The Captain’s Daughter I would advise Janey to stay strong as this is romantic fiction and everything is going to be okay!


Does your Cornish Tales series tackle social barriers?

I don’t set out to tackle particular issues, however I find they often emerge in my plots. The Thief’s Daughter brings up the issue of what is considered right and wrong and how the line between the two can become blurred. Is it ever right to break the law to help someone?


The issue of abuse of power features in The Captain’s Daughter, together with how gossip and prejudice can affect a person’s life.  I won’t say anymore as I would not want to spoil the book for anyone, but Victorian values and prejudices play a major role in this story, and their influences are far-reaching and affects the decisions that are made.


What do your readers have to look forward to in the following stories in the series?

There are at least two more books in the series. I can’t say much about them at the moment, but they are written. All are stand-alone novels, but they are linked by family ties and a Cornish setting.


Finally Victoria, what inspired you to write?

I enjoyed reading from an early age and kept my favourite books on a shelf. I also enjoyed writing stories, but the idea of writing a book never entered my head, despite having a desire to see my name on a book one day.  However, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I began to believe that I could write a novel equal to those I was reading. A mixture of vanity (wanting to see my name on a book) and a desire to create a novel (like the authors I loved) inspired me to start writing.


Thank you for the interesting and thought-provoking questions. I have really enjoyed being a guest on your blog and thank you for helping me celebrate The Thief’s Daughter and The Captain’s Daughter’s joint publications this month.

Thank you for being my guest today!

Wishing you success Victoria with all your writing projects.


Victoria Cornwall Cornish Tales seriesHide from the thief-taker, for if he finds you, he will take you away …

 Eighteenth-century Cornwall is crippled by debt and poverty, and the gibbet casts a shadow of fear over the land. Yet, when night falls, free traders swarm onto the beaches and smuggling prospers.


Terrified by a thief-taker’s warning as a child, Jenna has resolved to be good. When her brother, Silas, asks for her help to pay his creditors, Jenna feels unable to refuse and finds herself entering the dangerous world of the smuggling trade.


Jack Penhale hunts down the smuggling gangs in revenge for his father’s death. Drawn to Jenna at a hiring fayre, they discover their lives are entangled. But as Jenna struggles to decide where her allegiances lie, the worlds of justice and crime collide, leading to danger and heartache for all concerned …


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Victoria Cornwall Cornish Tales series


Sometimes you need to discover your own strength in order to survive … 

After a family tragedy, Janey Carhart was forced from her comfortable life as a captain’s daughter into domestic service. Determined to make something of herself, Janey eventually finds work as a lady’s maid at the imposing Bosvenna Manor on the edge of Bodmin Moor, but is soon caught between the two worlds of upstairs and downstairs, and accepted by neither, as she cares for her mistress.

Desperately lonely, Janey catches the attention of two men – James Brockenshaw and Daniel Kellow. James is heir to the Bosvenna estate, a man whose eloquent letters to his mother warm Janey’s heart. Daniel Kellow is a neighbouring farmer with a dark past and a brooding nature, yet with a magnetism that disturbs Janey. Two men. Who should she choose? Or will fate decide.


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