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Historical Fiction | Outremer IV | D N Carter

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I’m delighted to be hosting D N Carter in my hot seat on the Outremer IV tour today.

Outremer IV is the final instalment of D N Carter’s epic historical quartet.

Watch out for Alice-Jane’s review for of Outremer I coming soon!

Book cover Outremer IV by D N Carter

A great secret from antiquity is threatened; its eradication, if successful, will lead to mankind’s destruction. There can be no compromise in safeguarding it, whatever the fateful consequences to those entrusted with its continuation.

Paul faces impossible choices, ones he cannot make alone. Who can he trust? How can he protect this secret as the world around him falls apart as Outremer descends into a deliberately orchestrated war of unparalleled violence, with Christianity and Islam pitted against one another?

Amid the horrors of total war, Paul must decipher the secret, how it has been updated and encoded within the mysteries of Mary Magdalene and the sacred feminine, and how it must be restored if is to be preserved successfully so that mankind can claim its true inheritance, one of unimaginable power. Evil forces wish to control and destroy the secret to stop a new dawn of spiritual awakening, cultivating instead a climate of fear, anger, judgment and the eventual enslavement of our souls.

Wiser, braver and nobler individuals step forwards, just as they have always done in the past to intercede against evil, and it is to those men and women Paul must turn. Just when all appears lost, Paul must find true courage, perseverance and faith, and make the ultimate sacrifice. Failure on his part will risk losing this arcane message forever.

The time to act is now.

The Outremer series is published by Clink Street Publishing.


Welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.

How would you entice people to read your books?

By explaining that this story directly affects them now…and they will have choices to make. There is a financial prize award to anyone who cracks the modern day code but it is the genuine codes of antiquity that I am trying to highlight and educate people to be aware of. Ultimately those codes even connect to our very own DNA but also our true origins and ultimate evolved destination if we choose to listen to what we are being told via the use of complex mathematical and harmonic codes. Codes we have only rediscovered as our modern technology developed within the last hundred years. Many claim to know the real hidden truths behind the so called Holy Grail and Sacred Feminine and the mysteries behind the Knights Templar. Within Outremer I present facts that are verifiable the reader can check; but I do so in a fashion that leads the reader to make up their own mind, but also to hopefully leave them with a positive learning experience and a sense of real hope for our future. 

What inspired you to write these books?

My inspiration came initially from the medieval chronicler, Chretien de Troyes and his Grail romances, plus my love of castles and ancient ruins.  I wrote Outremer for many reasons, but the main one was, and remains, my desire to share and impart what appears to be highly advanced knowledge from our distant past that is provable and irrefutable, yet suppressed or deliberately ignored by so-called main stream academia. But I wrote to enlighten is the simple truth…or at least try and provoke the reader to think and start upon a path of their own research and most certainly not just accept my words, but to challenge all that I write. I learnt that for nearly all of human history our world was once viewed as an enchanted place and myths emerged as an attempt to explain unknowable mysteries, but as material and rationalist ideas took over, our spiritual values declined in direct proportion. Once uprooted from the world of symbols, the art that created them was lost and separated from its links with myth and sacramental vision. But when the usefulness of a myth or legend has exhausted itself, it dies…and any artificial means to keep it alive only serves to make those very actions and symbols of that myth, counterproductive. It becomes out dated with the present times, so has to be completely changed and written a new…and that is what I have tried to do within the pages of Outremer. 

   I wanted to share the knowledge of the ancient codes, as I believe I have understood them, and Outremer is a perfect platform to do that in a hopefully engaging and enjoyable format through the lives of the two main central characters, Paul Plantavalu, a Christian, and Alisha al Komaty from a Muslim family. I have therefore included genuine codes from antiquity which still have profound consequences for all of us. If you have ever pondered the reasons why Christianity and Islam were, and still are, so diametrically opposed, then you will discover within these pages ‘why’.

    As I was once told, and now accept, every book, every volume you will ever read takes on a life all of its own formed by the soul of the person who wrote it and from those who subsequently read it; who lived it and dreamed it in their own minds. And with every reading, so the content of that books own spirit grows and strengthens. I believe, any teaching, and that includes religion, should be one whereby the teachers show but do not say nor demand what the student sees. Outremer simply shows. I believe that learning with an open mind allows us to plant the seed of intellect, from which mighty oaks of wisdom will grow as people pick up the clues and branch out into further deeper research. That symbolism of what I say will become obvious to those who read all of this work. There are also exoteric and esoteric messages that run throughout the manuscript. To some they will be obvious whilst missed by others unfamiliar with the symbolism at first; however they will discover and understand as the information slowly reveals itself. It is also written with two different font styles to differentiate between the elderly gentleman recounting facts and details within the Inn at La Rochelle, to the main story itself of Paul and Alisha.

How much research went into your books?

       I have been researching since I was a young child to accumulate the research behind Outremer…and I am still learning more even now. I wanted to share the knowledge of the ancients and their codes, as I believe I have understood them, in a hopefully engaging and enjoyable format and I have included those genuine codes from antiquity plus a new one that readers may wish to work upon. If they crack it, it will lead to a location and an item. There are also exoteric and esoteric messages that run throughout the manuscript. To some they will be obvious whilst missed by others unfamiliar with the symbolism at first; however they will discover and understand as the information slowly reveals itself. It is possible to crack the code from book 1 alone. I have learnt that all three of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) all carry within their respective Holy Books, a genuine and provable mathematical code…and they are the same codes. As the famous scientist Stephen Hawkins once said, “If God is real, he is maths”. It shows that there is a higher knowledge behind their origins. Whoever breaks my code will win £10,000. The code can also be reversed to reveal the location of a genuine and far greater treasure and that is why I put up the prize to get people to look a little closer than perhaps they would have.

    I have adhered as near as possible to the historical truth as one can get whilst conveying a new perspective on our history in a verifiable format that not only educates the reader, but hopefully inspires too. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to study documents not freely available to most people but also been lucky enough to have been able to study in depth a wide range of subjects from archaeology, religions, philosophy, mythology, engineering, mathematics, science and biology to music and seen a pattern that connects everything when viewed together as a whole. I have discovered many new things…far too many to include here but all comprehensively covered within Outremer. Some of the simpler facts that surprised me however were learning that King Richard the Lion heart could not speak English…his first language being French. I learnt the name Jesus was not even generally known by that name in the Middle Ages, but as Iesus.

    Outremer is based upon real people who lived during this particularly tumultuous period of the 12th century, and few people nowadays fully appreciate the massive implications of events then that still impact upon us today. But this period was also when items were recovered by the original founding Knights Templar that would ultimately lead to the rediscovery of practices and technologies that had an immediate impact, especially upon the design and construction of great cathedrals, but also leaps in other areas not so obvious that led to the explosion of what became known as the Renaissance starting in Florence.

    The main thing I have personally learned, is that we, mankind as a whole, are all connected, we are inherently good, not bad and we are all spiritual beings and religion is simply a vehicle that has been used to convey a higher message across time as well as moral codes and words of hope and comfort…plus a message we are now only truly beginning to recognise for what it is. And that love, as airy fairy, corny or as some argue naive as that may sound, is the key…and true education I believe is when you are shown something, but not told how to see it. So we have a choice for we effect the very environment we live in and the world as a whole.

    I hope Outremer achieves a greater understanding of our past and realisation, as well as acceptance, that we are all connected and interdependent.

How often do you write?

    I wrote almost every day for two years solid bar a two week holiday. I already had a 175 page synopsis prepared based upon my years of research. Initially I put six months aside to write Outremer…but my planned 140,000 word book kept growing as I tried to convey the information accurately. I wrote 1,240,000 words. That did not include the additional bibliography, index or Authors afterword.

Finally, can you share with us your favourite book at the moment?

The Crusades, the Holy war for the Holy land, by Thomas Asbridge. I found this huge fact filled book only recently whilst looking through a whole library of books in a National Trust Hall. It has confirmed so much about the era my Outremer series is set in.

Thank you for being my guest today.

D N Carter has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with archaeology, cartography and the history, myths and legends of the Middle Ages. As an adventurer he has travelled the world, enjoys parachuting, recently taken up microlight flying and paints in his limited spare time as an artist. Outremer has been forty years in the making and his interest in these matters ultimately led to a career in science and research. Now in his fifties he presently spends his time living between England and France with his family, plus dog and some gold fish, but continues his travels researching and exploring; a path that shows no signs of slowing down.


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