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Historical Fiction | Courage of the Shipyard Girls | Nancy Revell

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We’re delighted to be sharing Alice-Jane’s thoughts on tour for Nancy Revell’s Courage of the Shipyard Girls, the sixth story in this series.

Book cover for Courage of the Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell

Sunderland, 1942: Polly’s heart and her future are hanging in the balance…

Polly’s sweetheart Tommy has been declared missing while serving overseas, and although there is no certainty that he is dead, there is no guarantee that he will return home. Now Polly needs her friends more than ever, and the other women welders are ready to rally around her while she waits for news.

The only one not showing support is shipyard manager, Helen. But looks can be deceiving, and beneath her cold exterior, Helen is wrestling with demons of her own, including one life-changing decision that could lead to potential ruin.

As the war continues, the shipyard girls must support one another as they bravely soldier on.

Courage of the Shipyard Girls is published by Arrow (21st February 2019) and is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.


Another gripping and heart warming tale by Nancy Revell.

Courage of the Shipyard Girls is a moving and passionate story of the Sunderland girls who took part in the major war effort of shipbuilding.

This empowering book focuses on the girls’ bond as they experience the danger and the heartbreak felt by millions during the Second World War.

Nancy Revell has us drawn into this life of ‘make do and mend,’ which transforms our opinions on what really matters in life!

The reader cannot help but feel like diving into the book to help those in need, to encounter the victories, and be a shoulder to cry on for those that need it.

A highly recommended read to anyone wanting to feel the courage of those in war torn Britain!

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Author photo Nancy Revell

Nancy Revell is the pen name of writer and journalist Amanda Revell Walton, who has worked for the national press for the past 25 years, providing them with hard-hitting news stories and in-depth features. She has also worked for just about every woman’s magazine, writing amazing and inspirational true life stories.

When she first started writing The Shipyard Girls series, Nancy relocated back to her hometown of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, along with her husband, Paul, and their English Bull Mastiff, Rosie. They now live just a short walk away from the beautiful award-winning beaches of Roker and Seaburn, within a mile of where the books are set.

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Twitter @arevellwalton

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