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Historical Fantasy | Resurrection Men | David Craig

I’m delighted to be welcoming David Craig today who is chatting to us about Resurrection Men on his Rachel’s Random Resources tour.

Book cover for Resurrection Men by David Craig

Resurrection Men by David Craig is available to purchase in digital and paperback formats.

There’s a supernatural war brewing for control of the Second City of the British Empire

Glasgow 1893.

Wilton Hunt, a student, and Tam Foley, a laudanum-addicted pharmacist, are pursuing extra-curricular careers as body snatchers, or ‘resurrection men’, under cover of darkness. They exhume a girl’s corpse, only for it to disappear while their backs are turned. Confused and in need of the money the body would have earnt them, they investigate the corpse’s disappearance. They discover that bodies have started to turn up in the area with ripped-out throats and severe loss of blood, although not the one they lost. The police are being encouraged by powerful people to look the other way, and the deaths are going unreported by the press. As Hunt and Foley delve beneath the veneer of respectable society, they find themselves entangled in a dangerous underworld that is protected from scrutiny by the rich and powerful members of the elite but secretive Sooty Feathers Club.
Meanwhile, a mysterious circus arrives in the middle of the night, summoned as allies to help avenge a betrayal two centuries old…


Hi David, welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.

Please summarise Resurrection Men in 20 words or less.

A missing corpse leads bodysnatchers Hunt and Foley into the supernatural underbelly of Glasgow, a city secretly ruled by undead.

What was the idea/inspiration for your novel?

The original inspiration was the notion of undead characters engaging in conflicts lasting hundreds or thousands of years with a changing world as the backdrop. I decided to start of relatively low-key, introducing the ‘world’ through the eyes of mortal characters as they learn of it. The 2009 Sherlock Holmes film was what mostly inspired me to set it in the 19th century.

Please tell us about your characters.

The main protagonists are Wilton Hunt and Tam Foley, two young men who moonlight as bodysnatchers for extra money. I wanted to add a moral ambiguity to them, hence the bodysnatching (which also served to introduce them to the undead). I also wanted their motivations and responses to be authentic, i.e be reluctant to face the undead, risking their lives.

Some of the other protagonists (Steiner, Lady Delaney, Professor Sirk) have faced the undead for years, and the novel shows the toll it has taken on them.

Reverend Redfort is one of my favourite characters to write, an opportunist who’ll turn on his allies as quickly as his enemies.

Who would you cast in the role of your characters if your book were optioned for a movie?

When I write Professor Sirk, I picture him as Peter Capaldi.

Did you do any research for your book David?  What resources did you use? 

Yes, I did a lot of research of Victorian Glasgow. As well as Google and other websites, I bought a number of books containing 19th century pictures of Glasgow.

Did you travel to any places? 

I live in Glasgow, so it was easy to explore a number of the places that existed in 1893 and survive today, such as the Necropolic, Cathedral, Southern Necropolis, a few old pubs, several Glasgow parks. The Victoria Park Fossil Grove (appearing in the sequel) is a real place.

The Old Toll Bar featuring in this book is real and still has many of the features and fittings it had when this book is set.

Do you have a theme for your book covers?  Who designs them?

Alison Buck of Elsewhen Press created the cover for Resurrection Men (and the new sequel, Lord of the Hunt). Resurrection Men’s cover shows the streets of Glasgow beneath the smoke of industry, while rising above the pollution and the homes of the poor are institutes of the rich elite, such as the university and cathedral.

Panster or plotter?

Plotter, mostly. I write a brief outline for each chapter, detailed enough so I know where the plot is going but vague enough to allow me to introduce subplots off the cuff.

If your book is part of a series, what is in the future?

Resurrection Men is book 1 of the Sooty Feathers. Book 2, Lord of the Hunt, was released recently, also published by Elsewhen Press.

Can you share with us what you are currently working on?

I’m currently almost done with the first draft of The Blood Hour, follow-up to my action/adventure fantasy, Thorns of a Black Rose. I’m also plotting book 3 of the Sooty Feathers (working title, Lucifer & Son).

Finally, what has been the best part of your writing journey so far?

Either getting the email from Elsewhen Press agreeing to publish Resurrection Men … or receiving my copies of the published books in the post.

Thank you for being my guest. Wishing you success with all your writing projects.

Author photo David Craig

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Aside from three months living on an oil tanker sailing back and forth between America and Africa, and two years living in a pub, David Craig grew up on the west coast of Scotland.  He studied Software Engineering at university, but lost interest in the subject after (and admittedly prior to) graduation. He currently works as a strategic workforce planning analyst for a public service contact centre, and lives near Glasgow with his wife, daughter and two rabbits.

Being a published writer had been a life-long dream, and one that he was delighted to finally realise with his debut novel, Resurrection Men, the first in the Sooty Feathers series, published by Elsewhen Press in 2018. Thorns of a Black Rose was David’s second novel, also published by Elsewhen Press. He returns to the Sooty Feathers series with Lord of the Hunt.

My passion is helping others to find their own oasis, their own centre of calm. I’m a qualified Dyslexia Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sleep Consultant, Parenting Programme Facilitator, Mindfulness practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and hold a crochet diploma.

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