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Handmade | Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

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I’ve been looking for inspiration for projects that will use up my yarn stash and I had a lightbulb moment for an idea for making a Christmas tree wall hanging using simple crocheted granny squares.

Christmas tree wall hanging

What I loved about this project is the almost endless possibilities of design.  Using different yarn (both fibre and colour), different embellishments and different sizes of squares will give a unique tree every time.  With so much choice though it is easy to get bogged down so if you’re going to give it a go yourself, have a plan at the beginning (even if it is tentative!).  I knew what I wanted from the beginning and the embellishments were easy to source.

You will need:

  • Yarn of your choice (I used DK)
  • Crochet hook (size dependent on the fibre you’re working with – I used a 4mm)
  • Buttons or beads
  • String of beads
  • Bows
  • Star
  • Yarn/thread for sewing
  • Haberdashery needle
  • Scissors

Here’s the steps to follow to make your own Christmas tree wall hanging.

  1. Crochet your granny squares and tree trunk

    Crochet your simple granny squares.  I used two strands of Womens Insitute DK yarn and one strand of white in the same yarn for my final row (to symbolise snow).  I crocheted 6 squares with one round decreasing for each square. Next, crochet the trunk.  I used one strand of the same yarn in brown.  Ch 12, complete 9 rows of dc st remembering to ch1 at the beginning of each row (not counted as a st).  If you’re making a larger tree then you’ll need to make the trunk larger too.  Sew the trunk onto the bottom ‘corner’ of the largest square. Crochet granny squares laid out to show a Christmas tree and the trunk

  2. First Embellishment

    The next step is to fold the bottom corner of the largest square over to the front of your tree and secure with a button or bead.  I chose these gorgeous La Fourmi Antique Silver Decorated Beads from Hobbycraft. Continue this step moving up each square of the tree. As you secure the bead you will also be securing the next square up so make sure you have the correct angle as you don’t want your tree to lean to one side.
    Image shows where to sew the bead on your Christmas tree wall hanging

  3. Second Embellishment

    In this step you will be adding the string of beads (or tinsel if that’s what you’re using).  I think a string of pom-poms would work well too. I did debate about using the glue gun for securing the string of beads but decided to sew it on.  I started out sewing onto each side of the square but realised the larger the square, the more the fabric bowed into the middle! so I also sewed the string of beads onto the middle which helped it hold its shape.  Not only was it more secure but it hangs much better too. Adding a string of beads to your Christmas Tree wall hanging

  4. Adding the star

    Add the star (or symbol of your choice) to the top square of your smallest square. I chose these gold puffy stars as I wanted a little more texture and reflection at the top of my tree.  I used cotton thread to sew it on. Adding the star to the top of your crocheted Christmas tree wall hanging

  5. Adding the final embellishment

    The final addition to your tree is to add the bows. I added mine just below where I turned the bottom of the square up. I chose mini bows for the velvety texture and a big plus for me, no more sewing! The bows only need securing using the gold band that wraps round the middle.  I threaded this through the crocheted fabric. where to place your bows for your Christmas tree wall hanging

Christmas tree wall hanging complete!

I finished my Christmas tree wall hanging over a period of 3 evenings.  As always for me, the crocheting was the easy part with finishing off the most frustrating (I’m such a perfectionist it has to be as exact as it can be).  Sewing isn’t something I enjoy but I felt so inspired that kept me going 🙂

What do you think?  Are you going to give it a go?  Let me know how you get on.

Have you made anything ‘crafty’ for Christmas?

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