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Guest Post : Sue Fortin ~ The Half Truth

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JJ has been a part of Sue Fortin’s writing journey since the beginning so it gives me pleasure to be hosting Sue today with a guest post.

Published by Harper Collins’ romance imprint, Harper Impulse, Sue writes women’s fiction; contemporary, suspense and time-slip. All with romance and a touch of mystery.

The Half Truth is Sue’s 3rd novel with Harper Impulse and the Kindle edition was published 19th March 2015.

Every marriage has its secrets…

Tina Bolotnikov, widowed after her husband, Sasha, was killed in a car accident, relocates back to her hometown on the south coast of the UK, to bring up her young son. Her life back in London with her adored husband is now nothing but a memory; a history to pass on to her son.

DS John Nightingale saw his partner killed in the line of duty and has made it his personal and professional quest to bring to justice the Russian gang responsible. Five years on and the killer is still free but as reports come in of Sasha Bolotnikov’s brother returning to the UK, John is tasked with tracking him down and following him to the seaside town of Littlehampton.

Tina finds herself an unwitting connection to a world she knew nothing about. She thought she knew her husband. She thought their past was the truth. But now as the investigation draws her closer to DS Nightingale, professional lines are blurred, and only he holds the key to her future.

How Writers and Readers Have Impacted on My Writing

Like any craft, writing develops over time, with plenty of practice and advice along the way, in my case, especially from both writers and readers.

About three years ago, before I had signed with Harper Impulse, my friend and Romaniac buddy, Laura E. James, suggested we attend a writing workshop run by novelist Julie Cohen.

It was a great day meeting up with other aspiring authors and, I think I’m right in saying, at least five of us from that day have since gone on to get publishing deals. Julie gave great advice on ways to improve our writing, and how to look closely at our characters and their motivations. The whole day made me consider lots of areas that I hadn’t given enough thought to before. We workshopped our first pages and I came away with the knowledge that mine did what it set out to do – all I had to do was write the other 300 pages or so in exactly the same way!

I have attended several workshops before and since, one run by Sue Moorcroft and another by Sarah Duncan, and have always received some really sound advice. Being a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association under the New Writers’ Scheme also gave excellent feedback on my manuscripts. The same can be said of the creative writing course I undertook through the London School of Journalism, my tutor being novelist Margaret James. In fact, it’s through Margaret and the LSJ I started my current WIP.

However, it’s not only advice from other writers which has helped me, but from readers too. Whilst it’s great getting feedback from my mum about how wonderful my novel is, I appreciate that she may be slightly biased.

Feedback is always welcomed. It really makes me feel good to hear someone has enjoyed my story. Of course, some reviews are more critical than others and I try to look at them objectively. If the reviews are constructive, I do take time to consider what has been said and contemplate whether it’s something I could have done differently and/or if it’s something I can take forward into the future.

The other big factor in developing my writing is to read. I try to read purely for the relaxation and enjoyment value, but sometimes I read something that is so good, I can’t help but start to deconstruct it and put it back together again, trying to pick up hints and tips along the way.

So, now The Half Truth is out there in the big wide world, a huge thank you to everyone, readers and writers alike, who have and continue to help and support me on my writing adventure.

Thank you for sharing with my blog readers Sue.  The workshops/courses sound great and as well as techniques, I imagine help confidence too …

Wishing you success with The Half Truth and all your creative projects.

Lover of cake, Dragonflies and France. Hater of calories, maths and snakes. Sue was born in Hertfordshire but had a nomadic childhood, moving often with her family, before eventually settling in West Sussex.

Sue is married with four children, all of whom patiently give her time to write but, when not behind the keyboard, she likes to spend her time with them, enjoying both the coast and the South Downs, between which they are nestled.


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