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Gripping psychological thriller | Q&A Jake Parent

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I’m delighted to be chatting to Jake Parent today.  Find out what it is about his main character that surprised him and his own processes and writing tips.

Jake ParentJake Parent is the author of Cristina, a new psychological suspense novel. His first book, Only the Devil Tells the Truth, was a #1 Amazon Bestseller. His influences include Charles Bukowski, Stephen King, Maya Angelou, John Steinbeck, Honoré de Balzac, Ella Fitzgerald, John Sanford, Jimi Hendrix, Ernest Hemingway, Greg Graffin, Pablo Picasso, Rickey Henderson, and Mac Dre. He grew up in San Jose, CA but now lives in the Washington, DC area. Sign up to receive alerts about new releases from Jake Parent (and that’s the only thing that ever gets sent to this list): http://eepurl.com/bXzepr

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Hi Jake,

Welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.

Please summarise Cristina in 20 words or less.

A gripping psychological thriller by a #1 Amazon bestselling author, Cristina will grab you from the first page and keep you guessing until the very end.

Was there anything about your protagonist that surprised you?

Her strength inspires me. Cristina Rodriguez is a young woman who has been through hell and survived. Despite all that, she refuses to let the pain and hardship of her life make her bitter. Deep down she believes that happiness is possible, and she’s determined to build a good life for herself and her young daughter.

What inspired you to write Jake?

I don’t remember ever not wanting to be a writer. I wrote my first story at six and have been chasing that dream ever since.  I’ve always written in one context or the other. Sometimes it was just a bit on the side, and sometimes it was doing marketing/communications work. But it wasn’t until I’d been working an office job in Washington, DC for about three years that I realized I was never going to be happy until I followed my heart. So one day I just started writing. Three months later, I had my first book, Only the Devil Tells the Truth. Now I’ve got two out, and have no plans of ever going back to a cubicle.

Do you have a most creative time of day?

 I used to write at least 2,000 words every morning. But once my daughter arrived (she turned one at the end of August), my day became a little crazy. I actually wrote most of Cristina in spurts of an hour or so while the baby slept on my chest. Now that she’s so active, I mostly write at night, and try to fit in marketing/outreach/business stuff during the day when she naps.

Panster or plotter?

I do almost no plotting at all. I spend a lot of time thinking about stories generally, so by the time I actually start working on something, I’ve let it cook for a while in my mind. But that’s not necessarily the plot. For me, that initial thought process is more about developing the emotional landscape, the settings, and the characters. Because I think those are the things that draws a reader into a good story. At least, that’s how it is when I’m reading something I really enjoy.

Which authors have influenced your writing?

There are too many to mention them all, but a couple who are great inspirations for me are Charles Bukowski and Maya Angelou. Two totally different writers with two totally different styles. Yet, I think at the heart of each is an ability to dig through pain and suffering and the ugliness of the world in order to ultimately highlight the sparks of beauty that make life worth living.

What are you reading now Jake? Opinion?

I’ve been reading John Sanford’s “Prey” series for a while. I think besides one book, I’ve loved it. I’m also about to start The Girl on a Train, since I’m probably the last person in the universe who still hasn’t read it.

Are there any tips you could share with new writers?

Just keep writing. There are very few people who make a living off writing (or any art) until they’ve been doing it for several years. In fact, the exceptions to this are so few that they are basically statistically insignificant. So keep going. Write every single day, even if you feel like you suck at it right now. Maybe you do. But, like with anything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. The other thing is, you have to read. A lot. Maybe more that you write. It’s amazing how many writers don’t read that much, or only read one kind of book. You would never hear a musician say they don’t listen to music. So why a writer would think they could succeed without studying others is kind of silly.

Finally Jake, what has been the best part of your writing journey so far?

Definitely seeing my first book, Only the Devil Tells the Truth, reach #1 in its category on Amazon. I’ve also been absolutely blown away by how many wonderful people there are like you that share my own personal passion with reading enough to spend so much time working to promote and grow the world of books. (My own experience is that the author/blogging community is supportive and sharing that passion, become friends too 🙂 )

Thank you for being my guest today.

Wishing you success with all your writing projects Jake.

I LOVE this cover!

Jake Parent

Driven by a desperate need to escape her past, Cristina Rodriguez moves into a picturesque hilltop home with an ocean view. The same place where, four years earlier, a young girl was kidnapped and murdered.

At first, both the house and the scenic California beach town seem perfect. Fresh air. Fresh faces. And the ocean is just ten minutes away. But as Cristina and her daughter set about rebuilding their lives, they soon discover that the past is not about to let go so easily.

A gripping psychological thriller by a #1 Amazon bestselling author, Cristina will grab you from the first page and keep you guessing until the very end.

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