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Fun and Sparkles : Was it good for you?

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Of course I’m talking about the two week break before the Summer Term begins πŸ™‚

The first week we got out and about and the second just chilling and meeting up with friends.  Lots of fun and sparkles (sprinkled with lazy days and waking up late).

The weather wasn’t too bad the first week here in Dorset.  We had some lovely walks:

Upton Country Park

Walking along the cliff top and stopping for refreshments (including cake) at Cafe Riva.

Warm enough in the sun #alfresco


A photo posted by @jerasjamboree on Mar 31, 2016 at 4:03am PDT

The boys (in their 20s now) came out on separate days.

Flora and fauna

Steps and Symbols

We travelled to Berks to take family out to lunch.

I really shouldn’t have posted the top photo on FB saying glad we weren’t on the other side.

The traffic queued just off the M27 onto the A31 for a few miles … on the way home, a journey that usually takes us just over an hour took THREE = frustration. Although on the plus side, I did finish reading Flawed by Cecelia Ahern.  If you enjoyed The Hunger Games you’ll love this (and I read recently it’s been optioned for a movie).

Christchurch was glorious.

And once again, warm enough to eat our lunch alfresco at The New Forest Tearooms.

(photo in the middle being overlooked in the courtyard by the castle ruins).

 We always enjoy a walk along the river Stour at Tuckton.

And again! warm enough to have tea and cake outside.

Did I mention cake?

It really did feel like Spring didn’t it!

#cherryblossom refreshing #dogwalk along the river #spring

A photo posted by @jerasjamboree on Apr 2, 2016 at 6:27am PDT

The boys did archery in the garden.

Eldest still has youngest fetching and carrying.  Do the roles ever change I wonder?

I’ve read some fabulous novels.

Reviews on the blog soon.

I’ve even had time to complete a project.  My ‘How To’ will be up soon.

And of course you knew there had to be a photo of Taz didn’t you πŸ™‚

Where’s mine?

Was it good for you?  Did you have fun and sparkles?  Are you relieved your children are going back to school? I remember the days of childcare (before I started working in education) and rushing around here, there and everywhere.  Sometimes term time is more relaxing than the school holidays.  There are times when I feel nostalgic but I’m enjoying where I am in the parenting cycle now πŸ™‚

Sam went back to Uni on Saturday and graduates in July.  Three years have just sped by!  My concerns back then were that our family wouldn’t feel complete (I knew he could look after himself) but now it’s how far away will he live for employment.  Alfie has branched out with his freelance graphic design – as well as being quite involved with the indie music designing covers/promo material and blog banners/buttons, he’s also designed a baby shower invite, a consultant’s logo and business cards.  Will he be able to afford his own home one day?  There are still worries and anxieties but they’re different when they’re older.

Changeable weather! Sam now back at Uni and we’re travelling home πŸ™ #familyday #goodbyefornow #lovemychildren

A photo posted by @jerasjamboree on Apr 9, 2016 at 7:59am PDT

It has truly been an amazing two weeks.  I hope you have been as blessed.

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