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Free ancestry records for your family tree

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There are many digitized records available for family tree researchers, some you need to pay a subscription to access but there’s also a variety of free ancestry records available.

Whether you’ve been researching your family tree for a while or just starting out, with almost 1 BILLION free ancestry records, Find My Past is a good place to start.  You might even find that elusive ancestor!

You do need to register to have access.  Registration is FREE and you can uncheck the box if you don’t want to receive future emails (although you would be missing out on genealogy tips and new record releases).

I’m highlighting those free ancestry records from Find My Past today and if you register, you’ll be able to enter for the chance to grab yourself a free one month world subscription.


free ancestry records


Here’s a look at the records you will be able to access and view for free once you’ve registered:


free ancestry records

Click on the advanced search to find out what the 1881 England, Wales and Scotland census can tell you, discover more about the census and search tips.

All fields are optional in the advance search.


If you know the name of someone else in the same household it’s worth adding it.  I was able to locate family in the 1939 census by adding a name.


free ancestry records

An amazing free resource for any family member of your tree who may have emigrated.  You’ll find out the month/year they were born, place of birth, place of birth of your ancestor’s mother and father, the year of immigration and naturalization and even if they can read, write and speak English!

Scroll down for notable events around this time.


free ancestry records

The key word here is ALL ranks.  The records also include more than 7,000 pictures.  Unfortunately, my ancestors who lost their lives in battle aren’t in this collection.  Imagine how you’d feel if you found yours!


free ancestry records

My Kenealy ancestors came over to the UK from Cork during the potato famine.  With so many records lost, when you have free access to baptism records you grab it with both hands 🙂

Scroll down before you add in your search terms for helpful information such as common Latin words and phrases to help you decipher the records.


Click the name variants box for first and last names for a thorough search.


The final two free ancestry records from Find My Past I’m highlighting today are wills indexes.

In the Oxfordshire Wills Index, scroll down to find out where the original documents are located.


In the ‘useful links and resources’ click for a glossary of probate terms


The Devon Wills Index collection has been made available by the Devon Wills Project.


Scroll down to find the courts included in this index.  You might be surprised at the areas it encompasses.

I think you’ll agree with me on the usefulness of the variety of free ancestry records available.
Let me know how you get on.


free ancestry records


Find My Past have kindly offered a free one month subscription to one of my blog readers.  Register in the next fortnight and be entered for your chance to grab a one month world subscription for free!

Easy to enter!  Register and then enter via the Rafflecopter, leaving the email address you registered with.

Good Luck!

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