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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts on tour for Tell Me Where You Are by Moira Forsyth.

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Maybe the worst thing hadn’t happened yet. You couldn’t know the awful things lined up in the future, looming.

The last thing Frances wants is a phone call from Alec, the husband who left her for her sister thirteen years ago. But Susan has disappeared, abandoning Alec and her daughter Kate, a surly teenager with an explosive secret. Reluctantly, Frances is drawn into her sister’s turbulent life.

Tell Me Where You Are by Moria Forsyth is published by Sandstone Press and is available in digital and paperback formats.


Tell Me Where You Are is a family drama based around an estranged sister going missing and the complex issues involved.

At Christmas the main character, Frances finds herself welcoming her ex husband and his step daughter into her home. As he left her 13 years ago for her younger sister, the family are shocked at this visit.

Frances, her parents and other sister, Gillian clearly feel guilty about Susan’s estrangement and struggle to adjust to having Alec and Kate back in their lives.

I felt for Frances throughout this story as she displayed wonderful patience and love for Kate. I wanted to find out more about Gillian, her life and how the affair affected the entire family. Throughout this story there is an element of discovering Susan and her character but I wanted the ending to satisfy this more than it did.

The suspense of what happened to Susan kept me guessing throughout and the drama she left behind encouraged me to turn the pages.

A good read.

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Moira Forsyth grew up in Aberdeen, lived in England for nearly twenty years, and is now in the Highlands.

She is the author of five novels and many short stories and poems published in anthologies and magazines. Waiting for Lindsay and David’s Sisters, originally published by Sceptre, are now available as e-books from Sandstone Press.   The most recent is A Message from the Other Side (2017).

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