The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson
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Fiction for the Awakening | The Exile’s Blade | Joanna Gawn & Ron Dickerson

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I’m delighted to be hosting authors of The Lazuli Portals trilogy, Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson, who are chatting to us today about writing as a duo and finally finishing their trilogy, which culminates in The Exile’s Blade.

I’ve known Jo through social media for a few years now (possibly 2011).  We first met through Winter Jasmine Therapies/Reiki and have stayed chatting since those days.  It’s been a privilege watching her change of direction evolve over time. 🙂

The Exile’s Blade publishes in four days time on 18th August 2018 and the launch online on 18th is unique.  To celebrate one of the new crystals in THE EXILE’S BLADE, there is an offer of a fire agate crystal session … alongside the usual excerpts from the book.  Find out more in the Facebook event.


Here’s more about The Exile’s Blade:

The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson

The deposed lord finds himself in Exile – all alone, and with the terrible deeds of his past seeking acknowledgment. Shadows and torment plague him, threatening to consume all that he is.

If the dark power roaming the Lands of Exile is not curtailed, it will spread across the dimensions, transforming everything in its path … until the light is no more.

Keira, Jason, and Shannon are integrating the insights they gained in the Crystal City. Life is good – but they miss the magic and mystery of being in parallel worlds.

The exile’s blade brings the two dimensions together in an inexorable collision – but will the blade align with the dark or the light?

With stone circles, crystalline and life-force energies, Ascended Reikans, and a vital dual quest, the inspirational Lazuli Portals trilogy reaches its conclusion.

Available to purchase from The Lazuli Portals website.

On writing as a duo….and finally finishing a trilogy!

Featuring Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson, co-authors of the inspirational Lazuli Portals Trilogy.

The final book, The Exile’s Blade, is due for release on 18 August 18.

Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson

The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson

Ron: It has been interesting to see the progress and changes in Jo’s writing across the three books (spanning November 2010 to Summer 2018). My input has reduced a great deal from The Cordello Quest, and the flow direction for Jo’s muses … that is to say the characters themselves. Jo often says that all she does is type the words given her by Keira, Jason, or whoever. Then when a new character suddenly arrives, it comes as shock to us all!  There is one arrival in the current release (The Exile’s Blade) which gave us both a shock – and major worries as to how such a mix would work itself out.


Jo: I actually disagree with the word “reduced”! I think Ron still has the same amount of input, but it has been redirected – from writing some scenes, to more input on the conceptual side of things. Time/space anomalies, and how the storyline fitted together as a whole, etc!

He is dead right about the new character in The Exile’s Blade, though. She wrote herself into the scene and left us with more questions than answers … for quite some time! At that stage, the remaining chapters of the book were a blank canvas, of which I, as artist, knew virtually nothing. Talk about stepping off a cliff into a void…

The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson


Ron: I have to say it was a lot of fun sitting back and watching Jo continue on – through several chapters – when I could see an area which may cause a problem. This was when we were trying a new approach – of me keeping a distance, and allowing Jo’s writing to flow. It just meant biting my tongue (or crossing my fingers, off the keys) until the ‘time was right’ to point out some imagery which may need clarifying.  A great advantage of working in a true fantasy area – the rules of the ‘real world’ do not apply!


Jo: I have to admit that bringing the whole trilogy together for its finale – working through CFS/ME relapses, brain fog, and “how the heck can I keep track of all this!” – was my biggest writing challenge yet! But as a result of years of work, we are now thrilled with what has become The Exile’s Blade, and feel it is ‘our best yet’. As one focus of the trilogy is personal growth, then a lot of our own ‘learning’ (sometimes hard-won!) has found its way into the pages of each book.

The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson



Ron: A real positive for The Exile’s Blade was talking our graphic artist friend, Stu Cooper, into doing another cover.  He is now a full time professional, and so to take on creation of another cover for us was a real bonus as his style helps link the three. His interpretation of the title from the little content he had from us was amazing. Indeed, seeing the picture brought tears to both our eyes when we saw how well his imagery matched our own.


Jo: Absolutely! I may have cried a bit. 😉

Art and language are a great duet, and it would have felt wrong to interrupt the dialogue between the two.

The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson


Ron: One of my most critical advisors (my wife) has now read The Exile’s Blade as a beta reader, and agrees that this book is our best. The biggest challenge now is bringing our work to the right audiences. Hence a new tagline: ‘Fiction for the Awakening’.


Jo: Yes! All of our beta readers have been excited about The Exile’s Blade! As for our audience, we started having a stall at Mind Body Spirit (Wellness) fairs a little while back, and met lots of people who resonated with the books we create. Now that The Exile’s Blade is nearly ‘out there’ (18 August 18!) we will be resuming that approach, and trusting in the universal flow to bring the right people to our stall (and to our website and other online ‘homes’). It’s great knowing we have enthusiastic past customers desperately waiting for the final book of the trilogy!


Ron: Now there is a thought which intrigues me: The trilogy is now done!  Where do we go next? I am sure Jo and I cannot leave writing, or indeed our beloved characters, behind. Watch this space!!!!


The Exile's Blade Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson

Thank you for being my guests today.

Wishing you success with all your writing projects.


Joanna Gawn and Ron Dickerson write together as The Lazuli Portals. They share a longstanding interest in spirituality, synchronicity, and the metaphysical (The Celestine Prophecy has been a key influence!)

Their writing tends to follow these themes – particularly in The Lazuli Portals series of novels – however alternative genres pop up in their other stories now and then, just to keep them on their toes, and enabling them to explore their ‘shadow sides’.

They are both keen readers and enjoy listening to music – although not always the same sort!

Joanna has a maths and science background (she has a thing for spreadsheets) but discovered Reiki and ‘subtle energies’ when she developed a challenging health condition. That changed her life, and indirectly led to her starting to write again. She is also partial to cake, chocolate, and Breton cidre. She has a TBR list that will probably outlive her.

Ron Dickerson is proudly Cornish, with a background in rugby, business, and Round Table/Rotary. Writing enables him to explore the less ‘logical’ aspects of his personality. Ron is an intuitive healer, which has made for some deeply interesting discussions and experiences!

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