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Feed your skin ~ Hannah George

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You may remember in June I shared the skincare products developed by clinical scientists and hospital staff (originally created for patients recovering from burns at Salisbury District Hospital) called My Trusty®.  I’ve continued using the sunflower cream (with a definite improvement).

My question today, is there something we can do ourselves to get younger and healthier looking skin? is being answered by Hannah George from FixYourSkin.  The answer is obvious really …

Hannah says the key to getting more youthful skin is by eliminating toxins from our bodies and feeding our skin cells with essential nutrients.  

Here’s some information and tips from Hannah on how we can achieve this (including a fabulous infographic).

Feed your skin

Importance of Vitamins for Younger-looking Skin

As the skin is the most visible part of your body, it’s important that you show it some extra love and affection.  The primary purpose of your skin is to act as a barrier and prevent bacteria and viruses from contaminating the body. Plus, your skin is an indicator of what’s going on inside your body. Skin conditions from psoriasis to acne are a sign that your body needs nutrients. Do check out to know about the products that treat acne effectively.

Organs in our body such as kidneys and liver play a crucial role in promoting skin health. They require an optimal level of nutrients which get depleted quickly due to our lifestyles. Of all the nutrients required by the body, vitamins are the most vital for skin nourishment. Vitamins are essential for normal functioning, growth and development of cells. The human body cannot produce all the nutrients, so we have to rely on food.

Balanced nutrition is required for men and women when it comes to maintaining overall health. But, a woman’s body has different needs when it comes to vitamins. You can get the daily recommended intake of vitamins by making smart food choices. However, women who are pregnant may require supplements. Unless a doctor has instructed you to take supplements, you don’t need any additional vitamins.

Many vitamins have similar functions. For instance, Vitamin A and C promote healthy teeth and tissue growth. Many of the B group vitamins assist in the proper functioning of metabolism and production of red blood cells. Some of the vitamins are required for specific body functions like Vitamin D which helps the body to maintain proper calcium levels which can be got from sunlight. So try to get 10-15 minutes of sunlight twice a week when the sun rays aren’t harsh. Another vitamin required for blood coagulation is vitamin K, and thankfully deficiency in Vitamin k is very rare.

Some people may become overly enthusiastic and go overboard in consuming vitamins. Abuse of the natural healing power of these nutrients could be disastrous. But, when given the appropriate amount your skin will look better than ever.

Eating a variety of nutritious food keeps the skin healthy and supple. But, no matter how much you eat the body delivers only a certain percentage of vitamins to the body. Plus there’s no way to send them directly to treat your brown spots. So to get maximum results you have to consume vitamins and also apply creams and lotions that have them topically.  

While many nutrients are required for skin health, these are some of the most important ones you should dig into for healthy, young looking skin.

14 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin
This Infographic – 14 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin – Was Created By

Feed your skin

We know what we need to do but do we?  I must admit we’re eating more gluten free and I’ve had to be aware of carbohydrates and the amount of my sugar intake for a few years now.  Do you think society is heading towards a healthier way of eating?  You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comments and please feel free to ask Hannah any questions you may have.  Hannah has a lot of experience with skin health and has written several articles that have been published.

Check out FixYourSkin for lots of tips, health advice and DIY recipes which can give you great looking skin without any side effects!

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