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I’m delighted to hosting fantasy author C Penticoff in my hot seat today.  Weathering the Wicked is book one in the Chronicles of Folklaria series.

Find out C Penticoff’s inspiration behind Weathering the Wicked, the best part of her writing journey, the author who has influenced her writing and much more.


Weathering the Wicked C Penticoff

Available to purchase in digital format Amazon UK and Amazon US.

One prophecy. One mortal girl. An entire land threatened by wicked magic.

Life hasn’t been easy for June. With crippling anxiety, an over-protective mother, and bouncing from part time job to temporary work, she often feels lost in a sea of success just out of reach over the horizon. Especially when it comes to her perfect-as-can-be sister, January. June’s world is turned upside down when January mysteriously disappears, and June must embark on her journey to a magical land, Folklaria.

Upon arriving, June discovers her real identity. Everything she knew about herself had been an illusion, a distraction from her true self, and a diabolical plan to keep her from her true destiny.
Befriending a fairy, developing feelings toward Ryder, and facing off with a wicked sorcerer are just a few of the dramatic events, which June faces during her journey to save her twin.

Fighting her own feelings of inadequacy, little did she know, this was only beginning of a long and life-altering journey in Folklaria.


Welcome to Jera’s Jamboree.


What was the idea/inspiration for your novel?

The plot was inspired by my grandmother when I originally started writing this story at 12 years old (believe it or not). The world that it takes place in was inspired from my favorite book, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

You will also notice that June, our main character, struggles with anxiety and seems to live her life in fear. This was inspired by my own battle with depression and anxiety. I wanted to make a character that was relatable to people, so I felt that giving her a character trait, in which many people can understand personally, would help people connect to June.


What scene did you enjoy writing the most?

In Weathering the Wicked, my most favorite scene to write was the scene at the festival, during the fairy performance. They play music with their magic and put on an entrancing performance. I put a lot of work in writing that scene in a way that readers could really picture exactly what was in my mind at the time of writing it.


If you could choose to be one of your characters who would you be?

Well, since June, the main character, was based off of me, I suppose I should choose someone else. I would want to be Alexis. I admire her. She’s the perfect amount of feminine and masculine. Alexis isn’t afraid of anything. She’s got the courage of January (another character), yet the kindness and compassion of June. She is wise and is willing to go out of her way to do the right thing. Her character was based off of a friend of mine.


Weathering the Wicked is part of a series.  What is in the future?

My current works in progress is book 2 of the Chronicles of Folklaria.

This is a 3 book series. I have BIG plans for this series! There are lots of twists and turns throughout the entire series, as there are in Weathering the Wicked.

In books 2 & 3, you will see the ups and downs of June and Ryder’s romance; you will also see it really take off and blossom.

You will find out what happened in Folklaria to bring on the wicked magic that is taking it over. You will figure out Tristara’s past, along with finding out who she is. I don’t want to give too much away, so I will leave it at that!


Panster or plotter?

PLOTTER! Pansters are crazy! 😛

I plot and outline everything before I start writing it. The reason I do this is because writing a story before plotting it out can often lead to a either a bland story or wasted time writing a story that you realize down the road isn’t that interesting.

When I plot and outline the story out, I know what happens in the beginning, the end, and everything in between. I know if the story is worth writing. I’m able to add in some foreshadowing early on in the book.

All in all, plotting helps me know right off the bat if the story is worth writing, it saves me a lot of time in editing, and the makes the story flow much smoother.


Which authors have influenced your writing?

The author who has the most influence on my writing is James Redfield. His progressive approach to spirituality really resonates with me and I love incorporating that message in my writing.


What has been the best part of your writing journey so far?

The best part of my writing journey has been meeting new friends who share the same passion as me. I don’t have any friends who love to write, so being able to network with others who write for a living means a lot to me.


… and the worst?

The worst part of my writing journey is, by far, having to market myself. It isn’t easy. I didn’t realize, when I first began writing, how much marketing comes along with it. Honestly, I just kind of assumed that I would publish my book and BAM–writing career ignited! I was very misled. Half of your work IS marketing. Sometimes I spend more time marketing myself than I do actually writing. Sometimes it really takes the fun out of being a writer, but I just keep reminding myself that it’s part of the gig: That if I want to make it as an author, I have no choice but to keep heavily marketing my work as much as possible.


Finally, are there any tips you could share with new writers?

There is so much advice that I would give to aspiring authors, but if I could only give them ONE piece of advice, then it would be this: Network with other authors. That has probably been, for me, what has given me the most insight into the writing and publishing world. Anytime I need some insight or advice into my book, publishing, writing in general, etc., I go to my fellow authors! I have had authors format my book for free when I was stuck and had no idea how to do it. That has actually happened 2 or 3 times. I’ve had someone make me a paperback wrap for free because I had no idea how to apply my Ebook cover to a paperback cover! Those are just a couple of ways that my fellow authors have helped me. When I need help coming up with names, getting advice on my plot, a sentence, etc., I turn to my writers gang!

Thank you for being my guest.

Wishing you success with all your writing projects.


C PenticoffC Penticoff, fantasy author and owner of A Novel Connection, started creating books the moment she could pick up a pen and write with it. Her first book, Weathering the Wicked, is one she started writing at the age of 12. After 14 years of throwing crumbled up pieces of paper in the trash and going back to the writing board, she finally had the masterpiece she had dreamed of publishing since middle school.

Aside from writing, her passion is running and growing her website, A Novel Connection, which offers readers free books in exchange for honest reviews.

When she isn’t writing, she is homeschooling her two young boys and day dreaming off worlds beyond our own.

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