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Fantasy | Breath of Fire (The Kingmaker Trilogy) by Amanda Bouchet

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The first story in this trilogy, A Promise of Fire, totally blew me away!  I was so excited to get started on Breath of Fire and get back into this world … Would my questions be answered? What would happen when Cat’s secret was out?  Would this story affect me in the same way?

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In a land where magic is might, Catalia Fisa is the mightiest of them all . . .

Catalia Fisa, Lost Princess, has been running from destiny her whole life. Yet deep down, she has always believed that the prophecy shadowing her every step is inescapable: her unimaginable power will bring unfathomable disaster.

But now her newfound loved ones are caught between the shadow of Cat’s tortured past and the threat of her world-shattering future. Although it may be that this, even with all her power, is still the one battle she cannot win, Cat’s determined not to go down without a fight.

As the realms descend into all-out war, Cat knows she must embrace the power at her command. With Griffin by her side and Gods willing, perhaps she can emerge victorious in this fiery forging of a new Kingdom.

Before I say anything I have to tell you that yes, Breath of Fire met all my expectations.  It was so easy to get back into this world.  Stepping back into the Beta Team’s lives felt like coming home.  I found myself trying to slow down so that the ending didn’t come too soon but I failed.  This second book in the trilogy follows through and is a page turner.

The focus in Breath of Fire is a quest to the Ice Plains to find the Chaos Wizard for advice in getting the Ipotane on board to control the borders –  much needed so that the Beta Team’s plan can be put into action at the Agon Games.  And what a quest it is! with only Cat and Kato allowed into the glacial cave, the team are split.  Both of them have to prove themselves in different ways although Cat does get a helping hand from the Gods.  More conflict comes from the Hydra guarding the Pthtian Gap (fabulous scene on the Plain of Asphodel) and once through, another challenge is set by the Ipotane Alpha, Lycheron who wants Cat for his own (Cat’s sarcastic wit is still very much in evidence throughout the story 🙂 ).  Plenty of action and entertainment!

The Agon Games …  my hands have never been as cold and clammy as that while reading a book!  The fights were so visual for me and of course I’m so invested emotionally in the Beta Team I wanted to protect them myself.  Mythical creatures and beasts, magic and mayhem.  Fabulous scenes.

Talking of scenes, it’s the first time we see what Cat’s mother is capable of doing with a battle that I didn’t think the Beta team could win.  Heart-pounding and I could taste the fear!  The finale in the Tarvan Castle gave me some surprises and finally Cat learns why her mum was so determined to get her home.  It’s not all edge of death stuff.  One scene in particular is full of love and belonging.  Beautiful.  Griffin was inspired with the symbols of the three realms 🙂  The sex scenes are powerful in more ways than just the physical.

The Kingmaker Trilogy is a fantasy/magical story where not only the world building, mythology, quest and magic is outstanding but the romance is soul punching too.  The final story, Heart on Fire, publishes in January.  It’s highlighted on the blogging calendar 🙂 Highly recommended!

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