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A day in the writing life of Susan Lewis | The Moment She Left

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I’m delighted to be taking part in a blog tour today with not only a guest post from Susan Lewis but also an excerpt from The Moment She Left.

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Kesterly-on-Sea is full of secrets.

Some are darker than others; many are shameful. One is even deadly.

Andee is an ex-detective whose marriage is breaking up. So when a young female student disappears without trace, she throws herself into the search.

Meanwhile, the town’s beloved Rowzee Cayne has just discovered that she is terminally ill, and doesn’t want to burden her family and friends with the news.

Andee and Rowzee don’t know it yet, but their journeys are going to help them uncover a secret. One that is going to affect them more than they could ever imagine.

Book extract

The Moment She Left by Susan Lewis (page 13)

Andrea Lawrence was gazing thoughtfully through her reflection in the window, to the foamy waves lapping the seashore.

In spite of no longer being a serving detective she’d been asked to help a family whose teenage daughter had disappeared without trace two years ago.

When she’d first received the call her immediate reaction had been to refuse.  Trying to find missing children was one of the main reasons she’d ended up leaving the Force.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help these families, she did more than anything for she knew only too well what they were going through, but the emotional strain on her had become too great.

Quote from The Moment She Left by Susan Lewis
Quote from The Moment She Left by Susan Lewis

She was no longer the right person to judge how best to handle panicked, shocked, terrified and even in some cases guilty parents, when she could never put her own parents out of her mind, and how it had been for them when her sister, Penny, aged fourteen, had disappeared from their lives.

She hoped to God that the Leonard family wasn’t going to end up amongst those she’d been unable to help.  No one, but no one, deserved to go through such interminable hell.  However, two years was a long time in a missing person case, and going by the police files she’d so far been given access to, the search appeared to have been thorough and extensive.  So she had to concede that the chances of finding Jessica really weren’t good.  Not that she was prepared to rule it out, miracles did happen, as the news occasionally showed, and who was to say that one wasn’t waiting to happen here?

Guest Post

A beautiful view, a strict routine and a glass of wine –Susan Lewis describes a day in her writing life

A perfect writing spot

I have a study at my home in Bagstone that overlooks a beautiful spread of lower Cotswold countryside, and I aim to be there by 10am each morning, after I’ve walked my dogs. It’s a peaceful little haven where I can escape from reality and really dive into my fictional worlds.

I think it’s essential to find a good writing spot where you can focus with no distractions, though sometimes I must admit, on those rare occasions when the sun comes out, the rolling fields prove too much of a lure! Luckily, my study doors open onto the garden so it works well as an indoor/outdoor space. It really is the perfect writing spot!

Susan Lewis

Keeping to a strict pattern

I’m rather strict with my writing patterns and will work right through to the evening. If I hit a chapter end at 4.30pm then it’s unlikely I’ll start a new one that day, but if things are going well, I’ll carry on until 7pm.

Then, I love to have a glass of wine and some olives (my favourite snack!) as I read back over what has happened in “my fictional world” over the last seven or eight hours. I invariably find myself wanting to gossip about them with other people.

author photo Susan Lewis
copyright: Colin Thomas

Susan Lewis is the bestselling author of thirty-five novels. She is also the author of Just One More Day and One Day at a Time, the moving memoirs of her childhood in Bristol. She lives in Gloucestershire.

To find out more about Susan Lewis, visit her website www.susanlewis.com, or join in on www.facebook.com/SusanLewisBooks.  You can also follow her on Twitter @susandlewis.

Susan is a supporter of the breast cancer charity Breast Cancer Care: www.breastcancercare.org.uk and of the childhood bereavement charity Winston’s Wish: www.winstonswish.org.uk

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