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11 Free Crochet Patchwork Cardigan Patterns : Create Your Own Colour Palette and Style

I think there’s a kind of magic to a crochet patchwork cardigan. The patches can be as varied as your imagination allows, combining different stitches, textures, and colours into a harmonious whole.

Each patchwork crochet cardigan pattern in this collection offers a different take on the patchwork theme. Create your own colour palette and style!

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You’ll be guided by clear step-by-step instructions in the patterns.  I’ve also included tips and techniques to help you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, ideas or even patchwork cardigan layouts, this collection of patterns is for you.

montage of three photos showing differently designed crochet patchwork cardigans

Why you’ll Love Crocheting a Patchwork Cardigan

Stash-busting: a crochet patchwork cardigan provides an excellent way to use up odds and ends of the various yarns you have in your stash. It’s an eco-friendly way to repurpose leftover yarns and reduce waste!  Go have a rummage in your yarn stash.
Fashion with a Story: Each patch in your cardigan can represent a memory, an event, or a specific moment in time. Your patchwork cardigan becomes not just a piece of clothing but a tapestry of experiences.  You can tell your and your loved one’s story!
Colour Play: Patchwork offers you the opportunity to experiment with a palette using a range of colours. You can mix and match yarns to create visually stunning patterns, gradients, or subtle transitions.  Your finished cardigan will be a truly eye-catching and personalized garment.

Here’s a little bit more info

Creating Crochet Patchwork Cardigans: Construction, Patches, Joining Methods and more

Stylish and visually appealing, a patchwork card is created by crocheting or stitching together smaller crochet pieces, or “patches,” to form the body of the cardigan. These patches are often made using various crochet techniques, patterns, and colours, resulting in a unique and eclectic look. Here’s more information about patchwork crochet cardigans:

Construction: The primary characteristic of a patchwork crochet cardigan is the assembly of individual strips or crochet patches to create the main body of the garment. These patches can come in a variety of shapes.  How these patches are arranged contributes to the overall design of the cardigan.

Patches: Each patch is typically a small crochet piece that can be created using different stitch patterns, textures, and colours. This design gives freedom to experiment with a wide range of crochet techniques, from simple stitches to complex lacework or textured designs. This diversity of patches adds character and interest to the cardigan.

Colour Choices: One of the defining features of patchwork crochet cardigans is the use of various colours. Colours can be mixed and matched to create eye-catching and vibrant patterns.

Joining Method: Joining the patches is a crucial step in creating a patchwork cardigan. Common joining methods include slip stitching, whipstitching, or crocheting them together using single/double crochets, or another suitable stitch. The choice of joining method can affect the overall appearance and durability of the cardigan.

Sleeves and Edging: After the main body of the cardigan is assembled from the patches, sleeves are typically added separately. The number of rounds or rows for each sleeve can be adjusted to achieve the desired length. Additionally, a border or edging may be added to the cardigan.

Customization: Patchwork crochet cardigans offer a high degree of customization. Mix and match patch designs, different size patches and colours to create a one-of-a-kind garment that reflects your personal style and creativity.

Versatility: These cardigans can be worn in various seasons, depending on the weight of the yarn used and the design of the patches. You can create lightweight, airy cardigans for spring and summer or thicker, warmer ones for fall and winter.  The patchwork cardigan crochet patterns in this collection focus on the cooler months.

They’re popular because they offer us a chance to combine our skills with creativity. Nothing better! Whether you’re looking to make a cozy, bohemian-style cardigan or a bold and colourful statement piece, there’s a pattern here for you.

Montage of four photos three show different designs of a patchwork crochet cardigan and one image a layout

My 7 Top Tips for Crocheting a Patchwork Cardigan

I have a few tips that can help you successfully complete your cardigan:

  1. Pattern and Design: If you’re using a pattern for your patchwork cardigan, carefully read and follow the instructions. Pay attention to the layout of the patches and any specific joining techniques recommended in the pattern. If you’re creating your own design, plan the layout of your patches in advance to ensure a balanced and visually appealing result.  Once you’ve crocheted your patches and before joining them, lay them out to check you are still happy with their placement.
  2. Tension Consistency: Maintain consistent tension throughout your patches. Inconsistencies in tension can lead to patches not lining up or an uneven final cardigan.
  3. Blocking: Blocking your patches before assembling them can help ensure they are all the same size and shape. Wet blocking or steam blocking can be particularly effective for this purpose.
  4. Yarn Management: Keep track of your yarn usage, especially if you’re using multiple colours. It’s essential to have enough yarn of each colour to complete your cardigan. You could make a swatch with each colour to estimate how much yarn you’ll need for each patch.  The patches won’t be wasted as you could possibly use them as part of the design or for adding pockets.
  5. Fitting and Sizing: Consider the fit and sizing of your cardigan. Some patchwork cardigans may have a more oversized or relaxed fit, while others may be more tailored. Take your body measurements into account and make adjustments as needed to ensure a comfortable fit.
  6. Patching Techniques: Explore various patching techniques to add texture and dimension to your cardigan. You can experiment with different stitch patterns, yarn weights, and colours to create patches that stand out or blend seamlessly with the rest of the design.
  7. Creativity and Innovation: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add your own creativity.  Whether it’s using unconventional materials, adding embellishments, or experimenting with unique patch shapes, let your imagination have free rein.
6 photos of different patchwork cardigans and a layout of how to sequence the patches

Crochet Patchwork Cardigan Patterns

Click on the numbered link to go directly to the patchwork crochet cardigan pattern.

Most patterns are written in US crochet terms.

For my UK crocheters, the table below is a conversion of basic crochet stitches from US to UK.

US Crochet TermsUK Crochet Terms
single crochet (sc)double crochet (dc)
half double crochet (hdc)half treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc)treble crochet (tr)
treble (tr)double treble (dtr)
double treble (dtr)triple treble (trtr)

1. Crochet Patchwork Cardigan

A woman is wearing a bright cardigan crocheted in patchwork
Dream Crochets

I really like the front ribbing! and the buttons add a fun pop of colour in this cardigan design.

Use any worsted weight/Aran #4 category yarn to make this patchwork cardigan.  The designer has used 9 different colours and depending on the size you make, you’ll need between 85g and 155g of each colour.

You’ll need to know how to work:

  • half double crochet
  • single crochet 2 together    
  • single crochet 3 together    
  • back loop only

You’ll be crocheting 45 patches before assembling, sewing the seams and adding the ribbing and cuffs.

This pattern includes schematics which is invaluable if you want to use your own stitch patterns that meets gauge.  You’ll know exactly which square goes where!

Visual learner?  There is a linked video tutorial to help you.

If you prefer to work from a PDF on your device, you can buy this pattern on Etsy.

2. Crochet Patchwork Winter Cardigan

A woman is wearing a chunky cardigan crocheted in the same colour of patches
Crochet with Carrie

Check out that fab collar!

This easy, bulky crochet patchwork cardigan is designed with ample amounts of texture and is a must have for the colder months.

The cardigan is made up of 5” X 5” patches with four different stitch patterns:

  • Half Double Crochet (21 squares)
  • Griddle stitch (13 squares)
  • Bobble stitch (7 squares)
  • Basketweave (13 squares)

The diagram for placements of the different squares is very clear for this pattern and if you’re unsure, you can follow the video tutorial. 

You could crochet the squares to your own design (as long as your patches meet the size of the squares) and use the diagram for setting out the sequence of the different patches.

The designer recommends Scheepjes Chunky Monkey but you can use any yarn that gives you the same size square.

3. Crochet Patchwork Hoodie

A woman is wearing a brightly coloured cardigan with the hood up
Colour Ceilidh Crochet

This pattern is easy to personalize through colour, placements and length.

I love that the joining of the squares is mostly done using the existing yarn tails.  It will strengthen the join and the durability overall of this hoodie.

Each square in this easy beginner crochet patchwork hoodie only uses about 7 grams / 0.3 oz / 23 yards of yarn) for each square.   Perfect for using up your yarn stash 🙂

Easy to adapt, you can easily change the length of your cardigan by adding or removing a row of squares at the bottom. Or you could add extra rows of ribbing or extra rows of half double crochet in-the-round to make the sleeves longer. 

Crochet stitches used:

  • back post double crochet
  • back loop only
  • double crochet
  • front loop only
  • front post double crochet
  • half double crochet

Use the diagrams to help you work out your placements.

This pattern is available to buy on Etsy.

4. Easy Crochet Patchwork Cardigan

A woman is standing with her hands on her hips wearing jeans and a patchwork cardigan
Beautiful Crochet Stuff

This patchwork cardi is crocheted in strips so less sewing!  If you prefer not to work in individual squares which you have to seam together, you should give this free pattern a go.

The recommended yarn isn’t available but it is a DK weight #3 category yarn.  I don’t know about you but I have more DK odds and ends in my yarn stash than any other weight.

Crochet stitches:

  • single crochet
  • double crochet
  • double crochet 2 together

Photos of the individual strip placements are really clear and I can’t see you having any problems with working this one out.

Prefer to work from a PDF?  This pattern is available on Etsy.

5. Patchwork Cardi

A woman is leaning against a wall wearing leggings and a long patchwork cardigan
TL Yarn Crafts

So much to love about this design … the drape looks fabulous doesn’t it!  I think what grabs me most is the different sizes of the patches and how well they all blend together for the overall design. 

Symmetry is my ‘thing’ which doesn’t apply to this long crochet cardigan so no-one is more surprised than I am how much I like the placements!

Foundation single crochet is used to start your project.  If you haven’t used this technique before the designer has a video tutorial to help you – you’ll be able to use this technique on future projects too!

  • Pattern stich = Moss stitch (single crochet, chains)

If you don’t have 13 x 100g balls of Worsted weight/Aran in your stash, the recommended yarn is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.  If you’re based in the UK you can buy this yarn from Lovecrafts.  This yarn is also available for all countries directly from Lion Brand.

This pattern is available as a PDF on Ravelry.

6. Tunisian Crochet Patchwork Cardigan

A crochet patchwork cardigan layout
Morine’s Shop

Originally a Crochet-A-Long, this patchwork cardigan has 44 Tunisian crochet squares.

The linked page has instructions for crocheting the Tunisian squares and the diagram shows you the layout.  There are also instructions for joining the squares.

Mix and match your squares to make this cardigan unique to you!

This project as aimed at beginner’s and advanced beginners (and of course if you are a more experienced crocheter you’ll enjoy working this patchwork cardigan too).

I think there is so much value in this free pattern as you will use different Tunisian stitches and be able to take away what you learn and use the stitches in other projects.

Tunisian stitches in this design:

  • Tunisian Simple Stitch (tss)
  • Tunisian Full Stitch (tfs)
  • Tunisian Purl Stitch (tps)
  • Tunisian Knit Stitch (tks)
  • Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch (ths)
  • Tunisian Rib Stitch
  • Tunisian Moss Stitch
  • Tunisian Cross (X) Stitch
  • Tunisian Double Crochet Stitch
  • Mori Lace Stitch
  • Tunisian Bobble Stitch
  • Mitered Square
  • Colour Change/ Intarsia
  • Cross Stitch on Tunisian Crochet
  • Tunisian Reverse Stitch (trs)
  • Tunisian Textured Waves
  • Tunisian C2C Entrelac
  • Tunisian Extended Stitches
  • Tunisian Pinwheel Square
  • Tunisian Log Cabin Pattern
  • Tunisian Staggered Yarn Over Stitch
  • Tunisian Top Stitch

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7. Patchwork Cardigan Crochet Pattern

A woman walkimg away is wearing a hat, jeans and a patchwork cardi
Make & Do Crew

I really like the length of this cardigan – I like my bottom mostly covered with a cardigan! (and a sweater).

I’ve chosen this pattern because it gives helpful advice on how to choose your colours so if you’re struggling with your colour palette, just follow the tips.

Crocheted in long strips with placements clearly shown, I know you’ll enjoy working on this one.

The links to the 4 parts of the pattern are quite close to the top of the post.

Crochet stitches:

  • Single crochet
  • Extended half double crochet
  • Back loop only

This pattern is in 4 parts but you can get all 4 parts in one if you buy this pattern as a PDF on Etsy.

8. Crocheting a Patchwork Cardigan for the First Time

The video below isn’t a tutorial as such BUT you can watch it to follow the maker.  If you’re a beginner I think it will be helpful for you to see the process.

You’ll notice that hook size and stitch changes and that’s perfectly okay.  You don’t have to worry about your makes being perfect.  It’s great to be more relaxed while you’re crocheting so you can have fun and experiment. 🙂

9. Crochet Patchwork Cardigan Tutorial

I’ve included this design because Shyler Crochets has made her patchwork cardi with the bean stitch.  The cardigan in the video above is crocheted in squares – this one is crocheted in strips. 

Another difference with this design is the maker uses 4ply yarn in 3 different colours.  I thought it would be good to see how the different weight yarns work up and contribute to the overall drape and design.

10. Crochet Patchwork Drew Cardigan

A patchwork cardigan crocheted in blues, green and brown
Yarnspirations / Jonah Larson

I’ve included this pattern for a couple of reasons.  I thought you might enjoy working with different stitch patterns and the surface crochet adds something unique (you can leave it off if you want though).

Working from a PDF is better for some people and this cardigan pattern is a free PDF download from Yarnspirations.

Crochet stitches used:

  • Moss Stitch
  • Sedge Stitch

With very clear instructions and a diagram, you’ll find working this cardigan a breeze.

11Jilly Cardigan Crochet Pattern

A woman is wearing jeans and a granny stitch patchwork cardigan
Holly Woodward Designs

This paid pattern is included in this collection because it’s the only patchwork cardigan that I could find that was hip length and crocheted in granny stitch squares.  I also like the balloon sleeves!

If you click through the images, you’ll see just how versatile the granny square is! The same patchwork pattern and yet each make looks unique.

The DK weight cotton yarn gives this cardi a lovely drape.

The designer says it is an intermediate pattern (due to the Join As You Go technique) but encourages confident beginners to have a go!

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Crochet Patchwork Cardigan Tips at a Glance

For quick reference, here’s the tips information from earlier summarised so that you can see them at a glance:

Crochet Patchwork Cardigan Tips
Pattern and DesignRead and follow pattern instructions carefully.
Plan patch layout for a visually balanced design.
Tension ConsistencyMaintain even tension to ensure uniform patch sizes.
BlockingBlock patches before assembly for consistent sizing.
Yarn ManagementEstimate yarn needs for each color and track usage.
Edging and FinishingPay attention to clean and polished edging details.
Fitting and SizingAdjust sizing to match body measurements for a good fit.
Patching TechniquesExperiment with various stitch patterns and yarns.
Pattern ResourcesUse patterns with guidance on patch placement and joining.
Creativity and InnovationExplore creative elements to make your cardigan unique.

I hope you’ve found this resource useful.

Happy Crocheting!

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