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We’re delighted to be sharing Laura’s thoughts with you today on Fugitive from the Grave by Edward Marston.

Fugitive from the Grave is part of the Bow Street Rivals series which is set immediately after the Battle of Waterloo and follows the adventures of Peter and Paul Skillen, identical twins, who fight against the rising crime wave in London. Their debut, Shadow of the Hangman, was published in January 2015.

Fugitive from the Grave by Edward Marston

1817. Clemency van Emden receives an anonymous terse message informing her that her estranged father is dead and buried. Confounded by this news and desperate to visit her father’s final resting place, she returns from Holland determined to seek answers. A chance encounter on a busy London street leads her to twin detectives Peter and Paul Skillen, who agree to help her unravel the mystery of her father’s last days. However, Paul’s attention is diverted away from London to Bath, as he seeks to thwart a daring band of highwaymen, one of whom appears to have more than just jewels on his mind. Meanwhile, the Bow Street Runners are struggling to redeem themselves after losing, yet again, the slippery and infamous Harry Scattergood. With mounting pressure from the local magistrate to produce results, they are sent to investigate a spate of bodysnatching from local cemeteries. When the body of Clemency’s father is discovered to be missing from its casket, the twins embark on a chase of graverobbers, funerary agents and Good Samaritans to unearth the truth.

Fugitive from the Grave is published by Allison & Busby. Digital, hardcover and audiobook formats are available with a re-print of the paperback publishing 21st February 2019.


Fugitive From the Grave is part of a series, The Bow Street Rivals, following adventures of Peter and Paul Skillen. The identical twins fight against rising crime in London during the early 1800’s.

Clemency van Emden returns to London, from Holland after receiving an anonymous letter of her father’s death. With feelings of guilt of leaving her father, she meets the Skillen brothers, who try to unravel the details of his death.

While Peter seeks to discover the truth about Clemency’s father, Paul travels to Bath in search of a group of highwaymen.

The characters are intriguing and the story includes great historical detail of the time.

I enjoyed this historical crime mystery.

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Edward Marston

Edward Marston has written over 100 books, including some nonfiction. He is best known for his hugely successful Railway Detective series, the latest of which is The Circus Train Conspiracy. His other current series are the Home Front Detective, set in the Great War, and  the Bow Street Rivals featuring identical twin detectives during the Regency.

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